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What is e-commerce?  Simply put, buying and selling goods and services online.

At Innovative we primarily focus on two types of online business:

B2B – this is where you are focusing on selling your products and services to other businesses. B2B stands for Business to Business.  A good example of this is the site we recently built for Body Panels Company in Tennessee. Their customers are body shops that work on individual’s cars and trucks.  So Body Panels Company’s website is focused on selling business to business. See the review of their project by clicking HERE.

For more details on B2B here is a link to an excellent article:

B2C  – this type of ecommerce is focused on selling direct to the general public. B2C stands for Business to Consumer.  This is generally done through a shopping cart program. The website has ecommerce software that displays the products or services being offered, pricing options, product options and then allows the customer to add the items to an on-line shopping cart. When the customer has found all the products they want, they check out. During  the checkout process the cart software or shopping cart module calculates the shipping costs, and then directs the customer to a credit card processing page for final payment.

On of our best examples of a B2C website is Grizzly Gulch Gallery. They successfully sell quilting kits, patterns and supplies to quilters all over the country.

What if you do both?

Some businesses sell to both consumers and other businesses. Grizzly Gulch Gallery is a prime example.  In addition to selling to quilters, they also sell wholesale to quilting stores. Their site is setup so the wholesale customers can login and automatically see their prices on the same pages the retail customers see the retail price. It’s pretty slick!

Innovative Solutions Group has used a number of products over the past twenty years, and is always watching for the products that will best serve the needs of our small business customers. Currently we find using WooCommerce on the WordPress platform offers our clients the most flexibility and functionality for the price.  In other words it is a great value! Another powerful reason we use WooCommerce is that there are so many add-on modules available, it can be customized and enhanced for nearly any business at a very reasonable price.

Contact us to learn more and discuss your e-commerce website design needs.  We’ve done numerous ecommerce websites with lots of different twists and wrinkles. We look forward to developing a viable, cost effective solution for you!

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