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Guest Posts. What are they?


We provide quality white-hat links to your business website. Through our guest posting services, we contact websites that are specific to your business goals and niche. By doing this, we secure a spot for you with keywords that are optimized for you. 

Guest Posts are beneficial for businesses because they help raise your search engine rankings as well as providing a natural source of user traffic to your business’ website.

Website Backlinks that provide

High Authority and Quality Content



Natural Links are crucial for search engines viewing your site as legitimate. Through our guest posting services, we ensure that this happens by placing these links into your content and optimizing the keywords for your niche.

Here’s How It Works

Step 1.

You provide us with your URL, preffered keywords, and any specific instructions that are pertinent to your business.

Step 2.

We will personally contact the publishers to ensure that your links are placed appropriately. In addition, we will create a professional article that is optimized for your keywords.

Step 3.

When your post has been published, you will recieve a report detailing the work that has been done.

Guest Post Packages

DA 10+ Posts


High Quality Article

1 Keyword / 1 URL

DA 10+Link


DA 20+ Posts


High Quality Article

1 Keyword / 1 URL

DA 20+Link


DA 30+ Posts


High Quality Article

1 Keyword / 1 URL

DA 30+Link


DA 40+ Posts


High Quality Article

1 Keyword / 1 URL

DA 40+Link


DA 50+ Posts


High Quality Article

1 Keyword / 1 URL

DA 50+Link



Do you accept all niches?

We do our best to cater to all types of businesses and niches, but there is a selection of niches that we cannot cater to. These include:

• GEO Based Keywords. Many publishers do not accept these because they do not look natural in a sentence.

• Adult, Pharma, and the grey niches

• Sexual orientation based niches

• Casino / Gambling

• Foreign (non-English) keywords

What is the turnaround time?

It normally takes around 30 days for us to get your articles posted. This allows us time to focus on the authority of the sites we place your link on and the quality of the articles written. There may be times when it takes less than 30 days.


What keywords can I use?

With our guest posting services, you may use whatever keywords you would like for your link text, as long as they will fit naturally in a sentence. If you are purchasing more than one post, we recommend using a different keyword for each post.

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