Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is key to promoting your website on search engines. Yet, many business owners are making avoidable mistakes when implementing it. This is wasting their time, resources, and money.

The two aspects of SEM are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). For the most part, SEO is free to apply to your website’s content. This can bring mixed results, especially if you don’t understand the best techniques.

On the other hand, PPC is a paid option. It advertises your website on search engines, sometimes even at the top of the first page. It’s unsurprising then, that 64.4 percent of people click on these ads.

In the right hands, SEM is a powerful tool for website promotion. Unfortunately, many people using it are not getting the right results. Keep reading to learn if you should change your search engine marketing techniques.


Reasons to Overhaul Your Search Engine Marketing

To have a successful website, you need to focus on two things. One, the website has to be user-friendly. You can achieve this by breaking up content and creating engaging posts. Other ways include adding contact information and improving the site navigation.

The second thing is promoting the website. Unfortunately, many well-meaning business people continue using SEM strategies that are not effective.

Here are four signs your search engine marketing needs an overhaul:

1. There is No Clear Strategy

Throwing random techniques around hoping one will stick, is not the right approach. You need a clear strategy that outlines your goals when using SEM. This strategy must also account for your resources.

Instead, write a plan for boosting your ranking and attracting new website visitors. Consider creating SEO-related content, using images, and embedding helpful videos. You can test paid ads and note the ones having an impact. Then, pay search engines to place the effective ones online.

2. Lack of Focus on Mobile

Companies now realize most of their customers access websites through their smartphones. Thus, you are missing out on leads if you’ve not made your website mobile-friendly.

Research shows mobile internet users exceed those accessing websites through their computers. As such, you’ll notice your techniques are not reaching as many people as they should.

3. You Don’t Have the Metrics

Another sign you need to overhaul your SEM is if you don’t have the metrics. You should know the amount of traffic you are getting and how long visitors are staying on your site. You should have tools to track user activity as well.

This information shows you where you are doing well and what you need to fix. Some people start marketing before they’ve set up the tools to measure the results. If you are in that position, start over!

4. No Improvement or Engagement

Following on from the metrics aspect is the lack of improvement. This should be obvious.

There’s a problem if you are not getting enough visitors or any engagement with your content. It shows your techniques are not effective.

A results-driven company such as Loyal Dog Marketing would be able to fix this issue for you. They can improve your website content to boost engagement. This improves leads, which, in turn, increases sales.


Learn About Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

Failing to review your search engine marketing can be disastrous for your company. If it doesn’t work well, it means you won’t get enough traffic to your website. This reduces your leads, customer engagement, and sales. Thus, spot the signs and make the right changes.

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