Dental SEO Marketing


Have you been thinking about creating a new dental website or updating your current site to draw more customers to your dental practice?

Your dental website can act as a great sales tool to attract new patients to your business.

And these days the majority of consumers look online to find dental providers. They scroll through search engine pages, referral sites and social media platforms like Facebook to connect with new businesses.

But in order for prospective patients to find your website and connect with you, you need to know dental SEO marketing or hire a professional who does.

Here are seven dental SEO marketing tips you need to know.

They’ll help you drive traffic to your website, build qualified leads and turn your dental website into a powerful marketing tool that turns website visitors into patients.


1. Hire A Qualified SEO Expert

A qualified SEO expert knows how to help your website appear higher in search results.

This can help customers discover your business through search. When seeking a dental SEO marketing expert, look for someone who knows your business.

They should be an established SEO company who has a proven history of achieving results. Ask your SEO professional to show you before and after analytics other dentists they’ve helped.

Another thing to look for when shopping for dental SEO marketing is to pay attention to customer reviews.

You can find testimonials on a number of business websites such as the testimonials about Grand Family Dentistry. But also look on review sites such as Google reviews that a company can’t manipulate.


2. Build an Intuitive Website

One of the first things your website must be is intuitive. An intuitive website has a user-friendly design.

A poorly designed website can raise your website’s bounce rate which lowers your chances of being found in search results. Google and other search engines factor bounce rate into ranking websites.

One of the biggest turnoffs that affect bounce rates is when a website is difficult to navigate. Make sure the menus are easy to navigate so your web visitors can find the services they are looking for.


3. Your Website Needs a Responsive Design

Your dental website should be created with a responsive design. A website built using a responsive design will display well on any kind of device: a desktop computer, tablet or a smartphone.

The screen adjusts to the end user’s device, making for a more pleasant viewing experience.

Responsive design removes the frustration caused when text and graphics cut off the page. This often impels visitors to leave the page and go on to the next competitor.

Mobile-friendly Websites Improve Search Engine Rankings

It’s important to optimize your website for mobile technology. Mobile optimization will help you improve dental SEO marketing.

Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites when ranking pages. That’s because 48% of buyers search using mobile devices. Did you know that studies predict that by 2019 mobile commerce is expected to increase to 696 billion dollars?


4. Educational Videos Are An Excellent Dental SEO Marketing Tool

Videos continue to engage end-users more each day. They use multi-sensory methods to communicate information 51.9% of marketers claim video content produces the best return on their investment.

Create an educational video that demonstrates dental procedures. Teach new patients dental care techniques or make a video introducing your team.

This adds a personal touch and a face patients can recognize when they come in for their first appointment.

You can then post your videos on social media channels like your FaceBook page or YouTube channel to encourage users to share videos with friends and family.

Post a transcript of your video and video tags and descriptions to boost SEO.

Web crawlers look for text and don’t read videos or images. That’s why it’s always essential to have a tag with photos and videos.

Videos have fewer competitors on search engines, so they are easier to find on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


5. Advertise in Local Search Listings

When consumers look for a dentist, they want to find a dental provider close to their home. That’s why it’s effective to use local search listings. Try Google Local or Yahoo Local to start.

The profiles you post on local search listings will boost search engine results, and people looking in your area can find your dental practice easier.

When you create your profile, make sure to use keywords to optimize your business. Use all the towns you serve and don’t forget to include your business address and phone number so people can find you quickly.


6. Tap the Power of Social Media Marketing

Social media is another SEO dental marketing tool you can use to increase your revenue. You can post advertisements on social media, blog posts about dental care and updates about your dental practice.

The great thing about social media is that it’s a platform where people can ask questions and share information with other users.

Join local groups to introduce yourself to the neighborhood and optimize your business page with #hashtags and keywords to make it easier to find you.


7. Use Analytics to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Dental SEO Marketing

Analytics is one of the best metrics to analyze how your website is doing. It lets you know how long people stay on your website which will help you know what pages are doing well and what pages might need to be adjusted.

There is a host of analytics applications. A popular one is Google Analytics. Other analytic applications also help you interpret website performance.

You can measure bounce rate, unique visits, and other criteria to inform you how your website is doing.

Analytics is a great tool for testing content. See what pages viewers spend the most time viewing. Then duplicate those efforts to improve other pages.


The Takeaway: Dental SEO Marketing

Now you know the top seven dental SEO marketing tips. These tactics will help you guide your website to a successful online presence.

Want to know more about dental SEO marketing?

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