Posting To Facebook- Creating Engaging Posts

Posting To Facebook- Creating Engaging Posts

While how often you post to Facebook is very important, the quality of the posts (just like the quality of content on a website) still remains as the most crucial factor in publishing. Page insights will change drastically once you start publishing creative and engaging posts. Because of the unique nature of the multitude of Facebook pages, there are an innumerable amount of pointers and tips to ensure quality posting. Here are just a few to help get you started.

Write With A Purpose

Think about what you seek to accomplish with each post. Are you seeking to spread general information? Use a catchy first sentence. Perhaps you are seeking to advertise a limited time sale event. This point, while simple, is overlooked. Don’t post just to post. Writing with a purpose also means having a clear call to action. News stories might ask you to click on a link to read more. Clothing stores will use pictures and a link directly to the product advertised. Other posts include a call to action that involves basic post interaction.

Write Less

Think about the vast majority of Facebook users. Generally they are quickly scrolling through their feed, waiting for an elevator or burning time during lunch. You have that split second of your post scrolling up their screen to catch their attention. Posts with large bodies of text are more often than not ignored. However, sometimes you can’t swing less than 30-40 characters of text. If this is the case, be mindful of when you are posting. Posting during “rush” times is a bad idea. Posting in the evening when people are more likely to be sitting down and putting focus on your  content is a better idea. Again, this all comes down to knowing your target audience and what their day looks like.

Clean Graphics

Graphics should be clean and to the point. Cluttered, busy graphics seldom look professional and drown out the purpose of your post. Take the time to look at other businesses that have successful Facebook postings. Scribbling with Microsoft Paint, fuzzy text, and using over the top filters are sure fire ways to appear less professional. Publish graphics that catch the eye and promote your purpose.

Seek Engagement

Get your target audience involved. Examples of this are posts similar to:

Pizza restaurant:

“All medium three topping pizzas are 15% during the upcoming Seahawks game. What is your favorite pizza?”

“Pineapples go on pizza: True or False?”

Other examples include:

“Caption this photo”

“Can you find the hidden Christmas hat in the photo? Winner gets a free, fresh chocolate chip cookie from the bakery”

“Tag three of your friends in the comments. We will randomly select a winner to receive one of our holiday care packages”

posting to facebook interactive post

Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

It cannot be stated enough. While many individuals don’t care about grammar and spelling- a lot of people do. If somebody who is engaged with your post is hesitant about using your service, poor grammar and spelling can send them on their way to investigate other options. This is particularly important for pages that are involved in health services and other similar organizations. If people need to put a significant amount of trust in your company, do all in your power to give them full assurance that you are professional and trustworthy.

As stated earlier, there are many more guidelines to posting to Facebook and social media in general. Research all that you can to learn about your target audience and what successful competition does. Need help with the content of your Facebook posts? Contact our team today.


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Savannah Miller is the SEO specialist for Innovative Solutions Group. She graduated with an Associate’s of Arts degree with a 3.75 from Montana State University (Go Cats). From a young age Savannah built websites as a hobby. After graduation, she began managing and building webpages for several companies with a focus in SEO. With both a background in website coding and SEO, Savannah is able to understand website structure and its importance to search engine optimization. When Savannah isn’t working, she’s still working. She continues her hobby in website design and SEO study. Savannah spends spare time photographing Montana and featuring her work on various photography websites. Savannah does volunteer photography for animal rescue groups as well as database management for the Wigglin' Home Boxer Rescue.

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