Pharmacy Website Design


Your pharmacy website is perhaps the most important tool that your business has. While your physical location (if you have one) is great for foot traffic, an online presence opens your business up to the world.

And make no mistake about it, the world is watching. Studies show that an overwhelming amount of people research a business before visiting and making a purchase.

Accordingly, your website needs to look its best and make a great first impression. Here are five pharmacy website design tips that are sure to improve your site.


1. Take Stock Of Your Current Site

Think of this step as taking digital inventory of your website. Before your redesign, you’ll need to really dissect your site and see what needs changing.

Sometimes, a redesign is as simple as consolidating a few pages or changing fonts and colors.

Other times it may mean scrapping a website entirely.

Start by considering which aspects of your site you’d like to change.

Grab a piece of paper or open a document on your computer and start coming up with a list. Prioritize each of the changes you’d like to see. Not only will this give you a better sense of what to change, it’ll make budgeting your redesign easier.


2. Learn From Your Competition

As a pharmacist, you’re facing a ton of competition around the globe. Even locally, there are likely at least a few dozen pharmacies in the area.

Don’t let this intimidate you, let it inspire you.

This website, along with sites of big-name brands like CVS and Walgreens, has a lot to teach. Start perusing the most popular competition’s sites to get a feel for what visitors like. Think of it as a secret focus group, of sorts.


3. Always Design With The User in Mind

It’s easy to get lost in the mindset that your website exists only to advertise your business. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a great advertising tool, but keep in mind that your design reflects your business.

Therefore, it isn’t too much of a stretch to say that a user’s poor experience reflects badly on one’s pharmacy.

If you’ve designed your site to your taste, and not for the end user, you’re likely going to end up with a poor design.

Put yourself in the shoes of your user. Is your site easy to navigate? Do the color schemes fit? Is the text readable?


4. Pharmacy Website Design Should Have a Cohesive Theme

Imagine going to a site where every page has a different font and color scheme. It’d likely look pretty bad, wouldn’t it?

That’s why it’s important to come up with one cohesive theme to carry through the site’s design. From the homepage to the blog to the contact page, everything should look uniform.

Double-check that each page has the same color scheme, fonts, and text size.


5. Don’t Forget Mobile

As of last year, over half of all web traffic came from a mobile device. And that number is only expected to grow as time goes on.

Make sure you’re prepared by ensuring that your site scales to mobile. If you’ve outsourced your pharmacy website design or are using a site like WordPress, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Otherwise, consider switching to a hosting platform that supports mobile scaling.

Let Us Help Redesign Your Pharmacy Website

If you’re looking to make some changes to your pharmacy website design, don’t worry about taking it on alone. Doing so would take time and energy that’s better spent running your pharmacy.

Instead, why not get in touch and let Innovative Solutions Group help? Be sure to get in touch and ask about our WordPress web design services!