What do you want your site to look like?

Often times clients come to us not sure what they want their site to look like.  This can create a challenge in designing a site that meets expectations.  Without knowing the desired “look and feel”, even if the content is correct, it may not be presented in a manner that represents the organization properly.

The amount of time and work required to achieve the desired look and feel should not be under estimated. Many companies hire a graphic design firm to create their “corporate look”. Depending upon the firm or individual hired to create this identity, the price can range from $500 for a quickie logo to multiple thousands of dollars.

Short cuts in this process can be:

  •  Provide a list websites that you really like and what it is you like about each.
  •  Provide your logo and company colors
  •  Provide your corporate font
  •  Provide a design brief

A design brief provides direction and information to help come up with a suitable design…and the more information that is provided, the likely you will have a positive outcome.

Below are few resources that you may find helpful.  You can also find additional resources be searching for design briefs on www.google.com.

We look forward working with you to provide a site that has the look and feel you want in addition to the desired functionality. If you desire help in creating a professional design brief,  please let us know.