Google My Business (GMB) Optimization Service

Looking to rank at the top of the Google results, without paying for ads?

If you have a local business, you need an optimized Google My Business listing!  Whether your company is brick and mortar, a service provider, or just starting out on the web, an optimized Google My Business listing will help you gain relevant online exposure to more of your target market.  With increased visibility comes increased revenue.

Google My Business Optimization = Higher Rankings

The reality is, having a Google My Business listing without at least some maintenance will result in your search engine rankings slipping further and further down the results pages.  Why? Because Google ranks local businesses higher than non-local businesses – by default.

However, there are steps you can take to ensure your company is still found by your ideal customer.

Here’s the problem…

There are two types of GMB listings that are out there on Google.

  1. Listings that have been completely neglected by their owners or not claimed at all.
  2. Those that have.

Which company will you be?

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Troy Kennett

Owner, Kennett Equipment Services

What is a Google My Business Listing?

A GMB profile is basically your entrance into Google’s online small business directory.  When optimized correctly, it will provide your business with a unique URL that will appear at the top of Google searches in your geographical area.  In other words, when someone is searching for the kind of service you offer in your local neighborhood, they can find you!

By optimizing your listing, you are also increasing the likelihood of showing up in Google maps searches.  If you’ve ever used Google Maps on your smartphone to find a specific location, this is what it’s talking about!

Google My Business Listing = Higher Rankings + More Traffic

Optimizing your listing will increase your likelihood of showing up higher than your competition.  This is how an Optimized GMB listing can drive more traffic to your company.

And the beautiful thing is, this traffic will be targeted.  With an optimized listing, you’ll see your business mentioned in searches surrounding nearby locations, or by customers looking for companies like yours within a specific geographic radius.

The catch? As with anything worth having, it takes work to make it rank at the top!

If you think your small business would benefit from a higher online ranking and increased exposure, you need to stop reading this and schedule a consultation right now!

google my business optimization service

What Does an Optimized GMB Listing Do For Your Business?

For local businesses, GMB search results consist of over 70% of local searches and over 90% for mobile devices.  That means that as long as you’re at the top of those search results (and your listing is optimized), your business will be receiving a ton of great exposure.  An optimized Google My Business listing will help searchers find your business by displaying pertinent information including:

  • Reviews
  • Hours of Operation
  • Special Offers
  • Events
  • Photos and Information about the Business

As a result of being at the top of those search results, your business will receive an increase in leads from those who are looking for your services.  This, in turn, will help you convert more leads into paying customers.

No Google My Business Listing = Missed Opportunities

If you’re not on Google’s first page, you’re missing out on a majority of your leads.  In fact, 97% of people don’t click past the first page of Google search results!  Don’t lose out on potential clients by not having a complete and optimized listing.

Optimize Your GMB Listing

As you can see, your GMB listing is a vital component of your business. It is important to make sure it is properly set up and optimized to show the top results over your competitors.

You could take the time to learn how to do this, maybe you will get it right – or perhaps miss a key component, and miss out on leads.

It is highly recommended to let professionals handle the GMB optimization services, this is where we come in!

Imagine your Google My Business listing bringing you a steady flow of new customers and bringing you more revenue on a daily basis.

All the while, your competition is being left in the dust by your optimized listing.

Not to mention, your Google My Business pages are an extension of your company website as well. Google signals that rank your GMB profile have also been shown to help improve any SEO efforts you are doing for your main company website as well.

So, not only will you grow in revenue from your GMB listing, but your website as well.

Our professionals will ensure that every aspect of your Google My Business profile is up to date, fully optimized, and prepared for increased traffic from local searches.

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Our Google My Business Optimization Services Process

Our process is set up to be meticulous by nature to ensure the GMB optimization services we set up are designed around your area and business type.

We have the experience necessary to perfect your GMB listing. From the hours of operation to the title tag, to keyword research; we will take care of it all! There is no stone unturned when we optimize your Google My Business Listing!

Several factors go into ranking your GMB listing, so we will start by doing the following:

Get your Business Listing Information

We will verify your listing and be sure the basics are covered such as being verified with Google. This will ensure we get the right information and contact details for your listing.

We will double-check your GMB listing information such as the business name, address, and phone number match accurately with all other places your business is listed.

Full Audit – Competitors Too

When we are going to optimize your GMB, we are doing it with purpose. That purpose is to rank your listing over your competitors. Google already has listings that rank for your service right now.

So why not see what the top listings are doing to get that rank? By auditing those listings and see where your listing may lacking, helps create the strategy to rank!

We re-create what they may be doing right, as well as add in what your listing needs to be doing, and this sets the path.

Make an Actionable Strategy

Once we have completed the full audit and competitor analysis, we will lay out a plan of attack for your GMB optimization. Since there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ for GMB strategies, this will ensure we make the changes that will actually RANK your listing for YOUR business.

By taking this approach, it ensures your plan is customized to your business. In fact, most GMB listings never utilize a proper strategy and end up falling short of results.

We will not set any filler or fluff to make it look like we are busy. We go with the pure focus to rank your GMB, nothing more.

Set the Schedule to Optimize

Once the plan is in place, we will execute the optimization. Sometimes this may be over a period of time, such as making posts or adding photos. Other times we may be focused on service areas and service types. Either way, this is where the rubber meets the road!

Getting these executed at the right times is integral to the process to get your GMB ranked higher – getting your business more calls and leads!

Bear in mind, your competitor may not be doing these optimization tasks or are ranking for certain terms because they are leveraging other strategies that you don’t know about. We do.

Measure and Improve

As we go along the process, we carefully measure your GMB performance using the proper tools, even the GMB tool itself. We gauge how well the rankings are improving, check the competition, and verify the strategies are working. We then improve and keep going from there.

Typically we like to measure in 60-90 increments. This is where we see a majority of changes actually making a difference. Like with any Google product, changes do not come instantly, slow and steady wins the race every time.

Once the initial setup of your Google My Business is complete, we will then monitor to ensure everything goes well after it has been set up. We will continue to make changes and improve the listing in general as well, over and over again until we get you ranked in your local area!

Don’t Go at it Alone – Let Us Help

With as much importance as your GMB brings, it is important to make sure you are doing it right. One wrong configuration with your GMB could risk losing your rankings or even risk suspending your GMB.

There are many so-called GMB experts out there who may offer GMB optimization services, but they take the generic route to optimize GMB listings. They do not focus on your actual ranking as we do.

At Innovative Solutions Group, we will engineer your Google My Business optimization services to cater to your specific business and location. We will make sure we focus on your rankings and make sure we hit every factor.

Most importantly, we will not stop until you rank #1 in your city!

Contact us today to see how we can help optimize your Google My Business Listing!