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Are you looking for the most powerful links that your money can buy? Guest posting is a craft that we’ve mastered. This craft has become a habit for us and we are passionate about your business growth. Orger our unique guest posting services today and see your business bloom. We’ve got the specific link you are looking for.

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Let us help you establish your website as an authority, improve your rankings, increase both engagement and referral traffic, and perfectly position your business to rule your niche.

Your business is important to us so we employ only the best Industry Standards

We draw on our deep knowledge of industry-leading guest posting strategies and our vast network of high-ranking and high-performing blogs to create a guest posting campaign that’s perfectly suited to your business. 

Every step of the process is well thought out and results-oriented. We’re always on the lookout for genuine, well-engaged placements that meet up with our stringent standards. We also create engaging content copy on relevant niches that incorporate your website in a natural, unobtrusive manner. Everything is geared towards delivering exceptional quality for you.

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Why Choose Our Guest Posting Services?

  • We Have A Vast and Ever-Increasing Network of High-Quality Blogs

We maintain a strict no private blog network policy. Also, we’ve established cordial relationships with some of the most popular and highly followed blogs in several niches. Beyond this, we’re also constantly reaching out to sites with the potential to deliver maximum quality to our clients.

As soon as an order is placed, we identify the site that would be perfectly suited for your link placements and get to work. If for whatever reason, we conclude that a new approach is needed, we’ll scout around assiduously until we find a blog that matches your requirements. Only when they pass our screening and eligibility process do we get down to work. 

  • We Create Relevant and Resourceful Content

Sure, guest posts should be promotional. But they should also be material and this is a mark we endeavor to reach every single time. The internet being what it is, we understand that people pay more attention to content that is apt and informative and can usually spot the phoneys instantly. 

That’s why we place a premium on delivering well-researched and well-written content that strikes chords and drives engagement. This process ensures that your new backlink is generated from blogs that drive traffic relevant to your niche. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

  • Written By Native Writers

The best salesmen speak the language of their audience, and we’re well aware of this fact. That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure that your content copy is written to meet up with the highest standards by writers who are nuanced, experienced and knowledgeable. 

We engage native writers who create excellent, well-structured content with your links weaved seamlessly into the material. Before they are published, we ensure they undergo rigorous quality checks by our proofreaders and editors.

Beyond this, we also make sure to assign content writing tasks to only skilled writers in your niche. 

  • Result Oriented Approach

Our blogger outreach strategy has been forged and honed over several decades of consistent application, that’s why it’s practically guaranteed to deliver outstanding results. 

You could even say that we’ve got it down to a science, and an exponential increase in engagements is the inevitable result of our value-driven methods. 

We channel extensive efforts towards ensuring that your guest post links are proudly displayed on niche-relevant blogs with high authority and vibrant followership. 

We’ve already cultivated cordial relationships with most of these blogs and we’ll look for the perfect solution for you at all points. 

  • You’ll Get A White Label Report At The End Of Projects

Our guest posting services are not restricted to individuals alone, we cater to agencies and companies as well. 

We believe in building relationships and ensuring accountability, that’s why we furnish our clients with a white labelled report once the links are placed. 

This report will include the URL of the article used for link placements, plus the domain metrics, which you can send directly to your clients. We’re very proficient in building outreach links to multiple sites and we lay no claims to your clientele. We build the links, but we take no credit for it. 

  • We Guarantee Complete Satisfaction 

Essentially, we’re driven by a passion to deliver consummate service and we place this consideration ahead of all others. 

Our workforce is motivated, skilled and experienced and we incorporate industry-leading standards in all our operations, to ensure that we stay ahead of times. 

We also offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry while working round the clock to ensure that projects are delivered in a timely manner. All our actions are geared towards yielding maximum ROI for you.

Want to Get Started? Here’s How It Works

Step 1: Provide Project Details

Furnish us with relevant information about the project including the target URL, preferred keywords, anchor texts and anything else. We’ll conduct a review and browse through our resources for the perfect placement.

Step 2: Content Creation

As soon as we settle on adequate placement, we’ll turn our attention towards crafting a relevant and engaging article that subtly and naturally includes your target URL and keywords (if any).

Step 3: White Label Reporting

We’ll conduct quality checks on both the content post and the host blog. As soon as we’re satisfied on both counts and the post is live, we’ll provide a white label report for you.

Guest Post Packages

DA 20+ Posts


High Quality Article (500 -750 words)

1 Keyword / 1 URL

DA 20+Link


DA 30+ Posts


High Quality Article (500 -750 words)

1 Keyword / 1 URL

DA 30+Link


DA 40+ Posts


High Quality Article (500 -750 words)

1 Keyword / 1 URL

DA 40+Link


DA 50+ Posts


High Quality Article (500 -750 words)

1 Keyword / 1 URL

DA 50+Link


 We Have Unique Guest Posting Services for Everyone

  • Online Businesses 

In the digital marketing space, visibility is the major ingredient your business needs to thrive. Let us help you take care of this angle, leaving you free to channel your energies towards more productive aspects of your business. Our backlink solution is guaranteed to result in improved search engine ranking for your business. 

  • Bloggers 

Our guest post service can give the authority of your blog a massive boost and drive traffic to it.

  • Affiliate Marketers 

Why worry about link building when you can put the pain on us? Attract more traffic and increase your revenue by taking advantage of our guest posting service. 

  • Freelance and SEO Agencies 

Don’t get overwhelmed by link building orders. We’ll execute them for you and make white labelled reports available. 

  • Website Owners: 

We employ strategic and dynamic market-leading solutions to help your website rank on Google and other search engines, putting you in close proximity with other big guns in your niches and your target audience.


Do You Handle Guest Posts On All Niches?

We do our best to cater to all types of businesses and niches, but there is a selection of niches that we cannot cater

We’re versatile and adaptable and we try as much as possible to accommodate most businesses and niches. However, due to policy constraints, we’ll be forced to reject projects in the following niches:

  • Sexual orientation
  • Adult and pharmaceuticals
  • Gambling and casino 

Is Guest Posting Really Effective?

Yes indeed, guest posting on genuine, vibrant blogs is one of the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective ways to give your business or website more exposure, and there are hard numbers that back up this fact. 

If done right and handled by knowledgeable and skilled professionals such as Innovativ, the rewards will be immediate and immense. We create only relevant and helpful content and match them to genuine and healthy blogs where the right people can come across them. 

How Do You Go About It?

Our guest blogging process is holistic and deliberate, to yield optimum results. As soon as you place an order, we verify its contents and establish the site most suited to your link placements. Then we swing into action, sounding out blogs that match your requirements about fitting content ideas. 

When they get back to us, we’ll pass these sites through our rigorous screening process and send them our content outline for approval if they pass. Immediately approval is gotten, we’ll set our sights towards crafting instantly acceptable and relevant content. We’ll pass the content through adequate and comprehensive internal checks and when we’re satisfied with its quality, we’ll send it to the website. It doesn’t end there, as we’ll still be available to make revisions and provide follow up until your link goes live. After that, we’ll provide you with a white labelled report. 

Can You Work With My Own Pre-written Content?

The short answer to that is yes, absolutely. If you already have a vision of what type of content you’d prefer for your backlink building strategy, we’ll be happy to work with you. Our team of experts will review it before we send it out for publication, to ensure that it fulfils the requirements laid down by the host blog. However, please endeavor to make the content ready before placing an order, to avoid delays. 

Are The Link Placements Permanent?

Of course. We make use of organic methods to ensure that your links remain live forever. Our backlink building solutions rely a lot on quality and informative guest posts, which guarantees the permanence of your link. Just to be certain, we keep close tabs on these placements for six months. 

Can I Approve Content Before It Is Published?

We try as much as possible to create engaging, informative and high-quality content that meets the requirements of the site it was written for, therefore, pre-approval will not be necessary. However, we’ll be happy to send you a sample of the article before we publish it. We’ll also be happy to make revisions and adjustments where needed before we publish it.

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