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Our eCommerce website design service designs websites that help you get more traffic and consequently sales. Each eCommerce website is custom-designed, including a custom and responsive design that can be used across platforms like WordPress. Furthermore, the designs are Search Engine Optimized to ensure that you have no problem ranking them.

Read on… to find out how our eCommerce website design services can help your business grow.

Drive More Sales, Build More Credibility and Get the Word Out with Our Custom Ecommerce Website Design

eCommerce depending on what you are selling and where you are selling it can be highly competitive. Many visitors to your site may solely base their decision on buying from you based on how well the design showcases each product and its features. Other times, design plays an important role in making a great first impression which nudges first-time visitors over the line to buy from you.

Our eCommerce website development provides a solid foundation for your success online, which include:

  • Custom eCommerce website design
  • Responsive design for all websites
  • Custom eCommerce development services
  • Secure website
  • And eCommerce SEO

Today, with well over 1000 websites launched and counting, driving over a billion dollars in accumulated revenue for our clients, we have become the trusted choice for anyone who wants to get into the eCommerce industry. In fact, we are one of the first professionals, entrepreneurs will call when they want to take their products or ideas online.

Why Does the Success of Your eCommerce Website Rely So Heavily On Design?

Professional website design offers a competitive edge – It will not only set your brand apart from the competition but make it easier to target the same audience for the same line of products. In other words, you don’t need to be offering something truly different to stand out. 

Offers a frictionless user journey – you always want an eCommerce design that takes as much friction out of the process of buying from you as possible. When you have a design that builds trust with transparency and an excellent layout, that alone eliminates a lot of the friction. 

A higher number of sales on mobile devices – Believe it or not, but mobile eCommerce is the future, which is why your website design should be easily accessible on these devices. Cross-platform integration and compatibility are going to always spell success for your venture. 

Upsell more often – A non-intrusive upselling technique that relies on slick design means you’re going to upsell a lot more. We bake upselling into the web development process to ensure it delivers as promised. 

Lower bounce rate – The first thing people see when they arrive on your e-commerce website is the design. Most people will just leave if the UI is too messy, or they just think buying from you is a waste of time. A modern, clutter-free e-commerce website can help retain visitors on your website, which reduces bounce rates. Incidentally, lower bounce rates are also good for SEO, i.e., ranking high in search engine results.

25+ Years Experience and 1000s of eCommerce Website Builds Have Taught Us How To Build Them The Right Way!

How Does Our eCommerce Web Design Service Work? 

At Innovative Solutions, we provide a comprehensive eCommerce website design service, which starts with planning, leading to outlining, and building what we hope is the best eCommerce website. Regardless of the number of products or the nature of your products, every store design needs to be different to ensure that it showcases each product in the best light. 

Below are the steps we follow to design some of the best eCommerce websites. 

UX design

Your eCommerce website design needs to be framed around people who will be interested in your products. It is also incidentally one of the reasons why templates almost ever work. When the UX design is designed for the people who are the intended buyers, that’s when websites see an increase in conversions. 

However, designing the right UX is complex, but we follow a tried and true system: 

Research – We will gather information and design a vision for the target audience. Usually, it would mean conducting interviews and then creating personas to envision how users will behave on the website. 

Competitor research – We will also take a look at what the competition is doing. List all the strengths and weaknesses of their approach. We then build upon the strengths while eliminating those potential weaknesses with our custom eCommerce designs.  

Wireframing – We will then outline the page’s navigation and functionality in a schematic wireframe. At this point, we have a general vision for the site, which we will be happy to show you. 

Usability testing – We will then test and fix the design to save you from possibility costlier issues later on. 

UI design

The UI of your business matters. It is estimated that around 48% of consumers will judge a business’s credibility based on the site’s aesthetics. In other words, good UI design means more sales and consequently revenue for your business. 

Here is how our UI design workflow ensures that the resulting design yields the best results: 

  • We start by designing what’s called the UI kit with all the buttons, fonts, and other visual elements. 
  • We then mock up a website design based on the industry and our personal vision of what it should look like. It is also partly based on our past experience as a design company in the industry. 
  • We test to make sure that the eCommerce design is compatible on varying screen sizes; it easily scales and looks good regardless. 

Front End Development 

The UI and UX groundwork we did previously now needs to be technically meshed to create the final website. 

  • The final design takes into consideration the long-term customer journey, the sales funnel, and other sales factors into consideration. 
  • We also make sure that the website is as fast as possible without compromising on any of the important elements we initially highlighted. 

We Ensure that Your eCommerce Website Is SEO Friendly 

Almost every eCommerce store owner is going to spend time and money on SEO. They will either hire us to do their SEO or an external company. Either way, the goal is to drive lots of targeted organic traffic. However, for SEO to be successful, the website’s design needs to be optimized. Most SEO companies can’t optimize the design the way designers like us can. 

Our team optimizes your store using a pretty long list of proven search engine optimization strategies. We also apply various other proven marketing strategies, which not only increases traffic but also resulting conversions. 

We always tell clients: “what’s the point of having a beautiful, well laid out eCommerce website which nobody buys from?”

Why Choose Our Ecommerce Website Design Services?

At Innovative Solutions, our professional website designs offer many advantages to eCommerce websites in terms of making it easier for visitors to find and buy what they want. Apart from dozens of impressive client recommendations, which are not hard to find online, we take a goal-oriented approach to designing user-friendly websites. 

Here are a couple of reasons to choose our eCommerce website design services: 

Ours is a full-service eCommerce design and development service 

Just about every online store or eCommerce website we design is a joint effort between our developers, designers, digital marketers, and researchers. Our goal is to ensure that businesses have a fully functioning, often high-performing, user-friendly eCommerce site that’s designed to sell your products. 

Long-lasting Designs 

Even though our eCommerce websites are custom designed for your business and products, they can be further expanded upon as your portfolio of products expands. If anything, it will mean that you don’t need to get the entire website redesigned just because you want to add another category of products. 

Furthermore, our designs are meant to be responsive and scale to any device’s screen size. We double-check and make sure that every element on your website is clearly visible, regardless of the screen size. So, you don’t have to worry about updating the design to suit a new class of devices. 

A Fully Functional Website 

We deliver fully functioning eCommerce websites that allow our clients to: 

  • Sell their inventory of products 
  • Process orders 
  • Charge credit and or debit cards 
  • It includes features like shopping carts, product catalogs, etc. 

Our Ecommerce websites vs. traditional websites

Many prospective clients ask us what’s the difference between an eCommerce website and a regular website. We also get people who push back on our statement that eCommerce websites are designed to do business, while regular or traditional websites are more like business cards. The fact is that while a WordPress blog site using a template and plug-ins can be transformed into an eCommerce website, it is always going to be bulky, odd, and not industry-focused. Sure, you’ll be able to process payments, have a description for each product, create landing pages, but it isn’t going to deliver in the design or conversion department. 

Ecommerce websites are designed to sell products. We design sites that center around a specific industry, product and are laser-focused on their target audience. The approach helps the design of the site stand out making it easier for prospects to pass through the sales funnel. Plus, the designs are brandable, which is something you can’t do with a template. 

Redesign Your eCommerce for Better Performance 

Many businesses approach us with an existing eCommerce website that they have been using with limited success for many years. In other words, they have low conversion rate figures. However, they aren’t sure if updating their website to a more e-commerce centric design that specifically caters to their target audience is worth the time and effort. So, here is how you determine if it is worth your time and effort if you find yourself having to make this decision: 

  • Have you been using the same eCommerce website for over five years? 
  • Do you currently see that the number of conversions or purchases has declined in proportion to what you’re spending on advertising, marketing, and SEO?  
  • Do you find it near impossible to brand the existing design? 
  • Does the existing eCommerce website take 2 seconds or more to load on the client’s end?

If you answer “yes” to any or all of the questions above, then you need to get the existing website redesigned to improve the shopping experience. In fact, we’ll go so far as to recommend getting the eCommerce website designed from scratch, especially if you were not able to brand the existing website successfully. 

We will not only design a highly brandable website, but one that loads quickly is geared towards conversions/sales and looks modern. Regardless of how it is accessed across any device, you can be assured that it will look great, making it possible for people to buy whatever you’re selling, even from their mobile devices. 

Get More Sales With Our Ecommerce Web Design Service 

We take designing eCommerce websites very seriously, which is why we use a tried and true design process that has proven to yield results use? We’ve worked with hundreds of clients just like you across North America and understand what it takes to deliver results across a myriad of industries and with varying business goals. 

Our designs can help reduce abandoned shopping carts and help to increase sales. Contact us today to find out how we can help transform your eCommerce store into a success story. Our team is more than willing to help by answering any questions you have over the phone or by scheduling a discovery meeting.