Award Winning WordPress Web Design Services

Our WordPress websites are built to help you increase your online presence, close more sales, and build your business.


Every successful business owner and eCommerce brand share one commonality – a great website. And WordPress is one of the best platforms to use to build, design, and maintain your website.

Our WordPress web design services are here to help you get started on your WordPress journey. We can create a highly-functional, SEO-optimized WordPress website to suit your business’s needs while reflecting your brand image and values perfectly.

Do You Need WordPress Website Design?

The world of WordPress website design can often feel complicated and tech-centric. There are so many websites, blogs, explainer videos, and posts devoted to offering you the best WordPress web design services, it can get mind-boggling.

Truth is, WordPress is one of the most effective websites to grow and monetize your business. But it does take a professional WordPress web design agency to maximize your chances of being seen online.

At Innovate Solutions, we offer you highly skilled WordPress web design services from our team of experts. Not only do we become your go-to site editor extraordinaire, but we’ll also include essential elements – such as SEO – into our package.

As a WordPress web design agency, we also focus on creating mobile-friendly websites. In this day and age, you absolutely need a responsive website design as more people use their phones to check out websites and shop around.

We aim to provide you with an all-around service that takes care of all your website needs.  Most importantly, our mission is geared towards helping you create a smoother customer journey that leads to more sales and greater business success!

Establishing your digital presence through professional WordPress web design services that Innovative Solutions offers will focus your website on:

  • A user-friendly experience
  • Customer targeting
  • Increasing your ROI

Professional WordPress Website Design Services

Whether you want a single-page website or something more complex, our WordPress web design services can help you achieve your goals.

If you’re unable to build a WordPress website yourself or simply don’t have the time, don’t fear. We’ve got you covered. Our team of skilled WordPress web designers can build a custom website perfectly tailored to your business.

Our WordPress web design agency offers plenty of WordPress web design and development services to help you navigate your new website. And, most importantly, we’re committed to focusing on each aspect of the design process.

We are experts for WordPress website design services after building countless WordPress websites throughout the years we’ve been in business.

With our team of WordPress designers, SEO professionals, and graphics experts, we can build the best WordPress website for your needs.

We work with you to get all the information our team needs to design a website specifically tailored to your needs and your vision.

Included in our WordPress web design services are:

  • Appropriate layout types
  • Color schemes
  • Plugin recommendations
  • Customization features


Drive More Revenue With A Beautiful WordPress Website

We’re not here to just design another run-of-the-mill site for you. We want to create a beautiful WordPress website that also helps you drive more revenue.

Our professional WordPress web design agency focuses on offering you all the designs and features you want to achieve your website’s goals. 

Innovative Solutions also has accomplished graphics designers. We will create custom graphics to align perfectly with your brand’s identity – ensuring that your site represents what you do efficiently and stylishly.

Why Choose A WordPress Website?

WordPress Websites Rank Higher

It’s a fact. WordPress websites just rank higher than other websites. It’s one of the most obvious reasons why you would want to choose a WordPress website design.

Our job as a WordPress web design agency is to help you design a website that is, even more, search engine friendly. 

If you want to leverage SEO for your business, then WordPress is the way to go. 

With it, you have various WordPress plugins available to boost site rankings without requiring advanced SEO skills.

Our WordPress web design agency can help you incorporate tools like RankMath and Yoast SEO to: 

  • Correctly place and use keywords
  • Generate sitemaps for the Google Search Console
  • Structure the content to be SEO-friendly.

As your go-to WordPress website design agency, we will focus on your user experience and marketing so that you rank higher and see more organic traffic.

Another plus for choosing WordPress as your website of choice is that WordPress offers a ping feature to notify search engines when you update your blog and other content.


Do you know that 60% of users prefer mobile devices over computers to access a website?

In today’s technological world, you need WordPress web design services that can engineer your site to be completely responsive to the mobile environment.

People are on the move and checking their mobile devices constantly. So, every business website from retail to eCommerce needs a mobile-friendly site if they want success through the online market.

Our WordPress web design agency has got you covered!

Part of the package that our WordPress web design services offer is to make sure that your website has a mobile responsive design no matter the device. 

Your website will be fully functional, responsive, and clearly displayed even on smaller mobiles.

We take your design ideas and vision of how you would like your website to function and configure it to current mobile responsive standards. 

If your customers are using mobile phones, iPads, or tablets, our website design team will fashion your website to look great no matter the size. 


WordPress is well-known for its customizability. There are countless WordPress themes and templates out there for you to choose from to help you design your website with ease. 

However, if you’re looking for something original and fully representative of your unique brand, we’ve got you covered. You don’t need to use premade WordPress templates. 

Our professional web designers can design a completely unique site to help you stand out from your competitors. This can help boost your brand recognition and offer your customers a unique user experience. 

If you want to stand out from the crowd, then our WordPress web design services are exactly what you need. 

Easy To Learn & Maintain

It’s very easy to learn how to navigate and use WordPress websites and maintain them. What this means is that you can easily edit and update your WordPress website after we get it up and running for you.  

Our WordPress web design agency is here to help you design a beautiful site that works well for you for years.

No matter your business or industry, we can assist you. Whether you plan to have a blog for your side hustle or a large eCommerce business aiming to sell directly from your WordPress website, we have the expertise to design a site perfect for your business. 

Did you know that WordPress is behind 1 in 3 websites on the internet today?

WordPress’s popularity is because they are one of the most well-established creation tools for web design. WordPress is trusted because the tools they have developed for the daily user are simple and easy to maintain. 

Once our WordPress web design services set you up, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be able to maintain your website without us in the future.  

Our WordPress web design services are specifically configured so that non-technical users can navigate their websites with ease!


WordPress Is Trusted & Secure

Every day, hundreds of new WordPress websites are created across the world. These WordPress websites are for small and large businesses, retail stores, eCommerce, blogs, lifestyle, and vanity projects. 

The platform is suitable for all types of businesses and website needs. 

And our WordPress web design services are here to help build you the site you’ve always dreamed of. 

WordPress is one of the most trusted, tested, and verified website developers available on the internet. 

One of the most important factors in customers choosing to visit a website is that it provides appropriate security. Most people are hesitant to engage with your page if you don’t have HTTPS encryption. 

We always install SSL certificates on your sites and recommend the top security plugins. That way, you have all the information you need to protect the information of your customers.

Powerful & Flexible CMS

WordPress has become a leading CMS (Central Management System) since its inception way back in 2003. 

As a responsible business owner looking for strong long-term stability, you must utilize a reliable platform that can facilitate your website demands. WordPress is simply the best choice. It’s powerful, flexible, and secure. 

Because it’s an open-source platform, it has a strong and expansive community that is constantly working on it and improving it. 

No matter your business or personal needs, WordPress can power:

  • Websites
  • Enterprise websites
  • Blogs
  • Applications
  • Complex portals
  • Anything you can imagine

At Innovative Solutions, we’ll get your site up and running in no time. Then you can take over and run your beautiful new website with ease. WordPress sites are also scalable so you can rest assured knowing that your website can easily adjust to the growing needs of your business.


WordPress has millions of free and premium themes/templates available to install at the click of a button. Many of these themes are built using what is known as responsive web design. What this means is that when you install and use one of these themes, your website will be completely “mobile-friendly” and look great on any device or screen size.

Very Customizable

With millions of plugin options on WordPress, you can do so many things. From marketing, SEO, eCommerce, and memberships, there are plugins for your WordPress site. Plus, you’ve got custom options available, too.


WordPress is an open-source content management system, so you can save money while creating the website you prefer.

wordpress web design services
wordpress website design services

Our WordPress Website Design Services

Innovative Solutions is an experienced WordPress web design agency that offers affordable services to businesses of all sizes. 

While our services primarily focus on WordPress website design, we can also ensure that your website is fully optimized. The goal is to ensure that your WordPress website is built for success and ease of use from day one. 

We also offer extra services such as creating custom graphics for your website to ensure your brand or business’s uniqueness. 

With many years of experience in WordPress web design services, our knowledgeable team will ensure you stand apart from the competition!

If you’re looking for an all-in-one WordPress website design agency that you can trust – look no further. 

Once you request us to work on your WordPress website design project, we make it our top priority. Every part of our WordPress website design services is performed correctly and designed for maximum impact. 

Our WordPress web design services include:

  • Testing
  • WordPress development
  • Deployment
  • Design features

With our WordPress web design agency, you get the support you deserve at every step of your website building process.

Custom WordPress Website Design

One of the biggest advantages of WordPress website design is that it is extremely customizable

By WordPress offering its users millions of plugin options, your website design world becomes unlimited.

What are WordPress plugins?

Simply put, WordPress plugins are pieces of software that are designed to place (or plug in) to your WordPress website.

These plugins can help you create and shape, amongst others:

  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • eCommerce
  • Memberships
  • Portfolios
  • Directory sites

We will help you customize your WordPress website by adding unique graphics to your site to make it stand apart from other sites.

Our top graphic designers can work with whatever your business needs to create its own niche specialized look.

We will take your brand and make sure all your website design elements are aligned for maximum impact and visual exposure.

A customized website will always stand out from a more standardized-looking site. Online brand uniqueness is key in a crowded marketplace.

Business websites are a precursor for customers to understand how that company operates. And how good their customer service is.

If a website looks standard and generic, a customer will think so is your business operation. A bold customized website attracts the eye and induces the viewer’s curiosity in your company.

By associating the look and ease of use of your website with your business operation, you can guarantee customer engagement and facilitate sales.

Excellent website design achieves these business aims and Innovative Solutions WordPress web design services aim to do just that!

Responsive Website Design

We can’t emphasize enough how important responsive WordPress websites are.

The world has changed and millions of people globally are buying online through various devices – with mobile devices being the most popular by far.

Customers are using social media on their phones to find information. So, you must have a WordPress site that’s accessible on every device.

We place a lot of focus on ensuring the WordPress websites we design are responsive, even on smaller smartphones.

With our expertise, you get a responsive (“mobile-friendly”) WordPress website design. Our WordPress web design services are geared toward helping you create a smoother customer journey that leads to more sales for you.

Our WordPress web design agency experts can help you:

  • Establish your digital presence
  • Focus on a user-friendly experience
  • Target your audience
  • Increase your ROI

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the weapon in your toolbox that every modern WordPress website can’t do without.

Think of it as the hammer that nails your website into the internet – making sure your website has maximum exposure and is secure in your business’s niche zone.

WordPress websites must be properly optimized before launching.

We offer WordPress web design services that involve proper site optimization before it is even launched.

At Innovative Solutions, we will submit your site to the Google search console and effortlessly set up your schema markup, among other things.

We ensure that the design of your WordPress website is search engine friendly with various WordPress plugins that will boost your website rankings.

Our WordPress web design services are set up to give you the best chance to hustle your business to the max!

WordPress websites also rank better from the get-go.

We also offer the service of using tools like RankMath and Yoast SEO to:

  • Correctly place keywords and use keywords
  • Generate sitemaps for the Google Search Console
  • Structure your content to be SEO-friendly

WordPress websites are easy to optimize for SEO. This is one of the best reasons to choose the platform for your website.

With our WordPress web design services, your website will be designed and set up with best SEO practices to help:

  • Improve its ranking
  • Gain organic traffic
  • Improve sales

Why Choose Our WordPress Website Design Agency?

When you choose Innovative Solutions for all your WordPress web design services, you know that you’re getting the tools and assistance you need.

Your online presence must maximize your business or brand’s exposure. To do this, you need a professional WordPress web design agency that can handle the design and development of your website.

Our WordPress web design agency can provide you with a free website audit and design a WordPress website that excites you.

As a well-established WordPress website design company, we focus on the user experience and website marketing so that your business or brand ranks higher and sees more organic traffic.


Get The Most Out Of Our WordPress Website Design Services



Before we embark on the details of the architecture of your new WordPress website, we will offer you a free consultation. 

Get in touch with us so we can figure out:

  • What your business is all about
  • Who your targeted customers are
  • What your goals for your website are

Once we establish the core of your business, we can start building the frame of your WordPress website design. This allows us to discuss your WordPress project details before coming up with an effective web design strategy to follow.



Our WordPress web design services include SEO optimization in your package to ensure your WordPress website ranks positively.

Our skilled team in the dark arts of SEO will weave a strategy to push your business into the online public space and target potential customers of your brand or company.



You don’t want to lose visitors because your WordPress website lacks an SSL certificate.

We install a free SSL certificate onto your site, which will add a sense of security to your users while using the site.

This is also important as having the SSL certificate on your WordPress website will ultimately affect your rankings on Google and other search engines.



Another great advantage of using us as your WordPress web design agency is that you don’t have to purchase your license for the powerful Divi website builder. 

Our WordPress web design services come with a lifetime license to the Divi theme.

A Divi license is an excellent option as it comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder. You can use it to design advanced layouts and add powerful functionalities to your WordPress website.



Divi also comes with an extremely powerful page builder. It contains nearly 40 built-in modules that allow you to add all kinds of custom functionality to your WordPress website.

This gives our clients the power to easily edit and update their WordPress websites without having to pay a developer to do them. What a bonus!


Online Training & Tutorials

Divi comes with an extensive library of written and video documentation. There are also many Facebook groups focused strictly on helping the Divi community.

So, help is never far away if you run into questions or need guidance on the best way to accomplish something you’re trying to design.

Our WordPress Website Design Process

Consultation & Information Collection

Each website requires the right information. Our clients explain their needs to us, and we offer them a quote. If you agree to the rates, we can go on to the next step!

Website Design

Innovative Solutions helps you create appropriate digital wireframes of your WordPress site then gets your approval before continuing. 

Once we’ve established your vision, our designers proceed to build your actual WordPress website. 

Our WordPress web design agency focuses on each detail and ensures that everything agreed on is completed. We pay close attention to your competitors to help you determine what doesn’t work and what we can improve. 

We can also suggest WordPress plugin options to further elevate your WordPress website.

wordpress website design
web design services

I have been with Dustin and Innovative Solutions for over a year now. Dustin and his company have taken my business to a whole new level. With what they have done with our website and how people find us is amazing. We have grown 10 times over because of Innovative. If your in need of the next level of success in marketing, you’re in great hands here. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Dustin and the team!!

Troy Kennett

Owner, Kennett Equipment Services

I used Dustin at Innovative Solutions to initially just host my website. After working with him I decided to do a pretty significant makeover on my site. He did a great job, was super responsive and has Fletcher in the Design Department to help with graphics and such. He answered inquiries after hours and is very reasonably priced. I have used quite a few web people over the years and Innovative Solutions is undoubtedly who I will continue to use.

Gary Gavin

Owner, Bolt Mobile

Excellent service. We have been with Innovative since the launching of our site. They not only designed the entire site with the functionality we wanted, but have hosted it reliably no matter how high the traffic spikes. I would recommend Innovative to anyone looking for a professional, reliable and very responsive team.

Susan Duclos

Owner, All News Pipeline

website design
WordPress Website Design By Innovative Solutions Group

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