Affordable Local SEO Services

Here at Innovative Solutions Group, our team is dedicated to growing your business’ online visibility and profitability through our affordable local SEO solutions!


I have been with Dustin and Innovative Solutions for over a year now. Dustin and his company have taken my business to a whole new level. With what they have done with our website and how people find us is amazing. We have grown 10 times over because of Innovative. If your in need of the next level of success in marketing, your in great hands here. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Dustin and the team!!

Troy Kennett

Owner, Kennett Equipment Services

There is no doubt that hopping online to shop is quickly replacing the act of driving to brick and mortar stores to make a purchase. For years, businesses have been anticipating this shift from in-person shopping to more of a digital experience. Now, more so than ever, both small and medium businesses need local SEO services to expand their presence and visibility.

Although we noticed a trend in online shopping becoming more popular, the recent worldwide pandemic accelerated that change. COVID-19 forever changed the way consumers view shopping by making in-person shopping experiences stressful, difficult, and sometimes impossible. This forced buyers to head online for all their shopping needs. 

In fact, according to Forbes, “49% of consumers shop online more now on a global scale than they did pre-COVID-19.” That’s nearly a 50% increase of consumers spending more money than they did pre-pandemic! Unsurprisingly, that number is expected to grow as consumers are now comfortable and confident in their online shopping choices. 

As you can imagine, online competition between small, medium, and even large businesses is steep. It is essential for businesses who wish to establish a profitable online presence to optimize their digital presence and seek professional services from a local SEO company. Business websites lacking expert search engine optimization (SEO) services have little to no chance of being found or viewed by potential customers. 

Our team at Innovative Solutions Group saw a real world need for affordable local SEO services, and we are committed to ensuring your business receives the search engine ranking and success it deserves. For a free website consultation to determine your local SEO needs, we invite you to Contact Us to get the process started!

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We’ll help get you connected to your clients and customers by driving people near you to your website.

Affordable Local SEO Services

What are Local SEO Services and why are they important?

The use of local SEO as a method for improving website visibility is the utilization of a set of proven strategies to make the site rank higher when industry keywords are looked up in search engines. A website including appropriate SEO content and formatting will show up as one of the top searches while a site that is not search engine optimized may not appear on the front (or even second) page at all.

Although keywords are not the only factor that contributes to successful website SEO, they do play a big part in determining the type of audience and customers a business site will attract. Our affordable Local SEO services will ensure you are connecting with people in your area who may be seeking a business just like yours! While SEO will draw in an audience from all around the globe, proper local SEO setup will bring attention from consumers who may be searching for “near me” businesses.

It is important for businesses who bring their services or products online to market themselves to both types of consumers– global shoppers seeking your services and products from across the world and local buyers conducting “near me” searches. Catering to both categories will double your website views; therefore, your chance for making a higher profit is greater. 

As such, hiring a reputable local SEO company to assist you in optimizing your website content and formatting will set your business up for success within the online realm. That is, your business will have an honest chance in winning customers when competing online with other businesses within your specific industry. 

While SEO is a skill that can be learned, hiring professionals will guarantee the job is done correctly so you can focus on what is important– running your business. Innovative Solutions Group is a team of passionate experts committed to seeing your business’ online presence grow through our affordable local SEO services. We are knowledgeable in all the intricacies of SEO and have the right tools to edit and build your website to attract both global and local customers!

With a quality SEO optimized website, you will achieve: 

  • More sales and a reliable income from your website
  • Repeat business from local and global customers
  • Consistent website traffic from a targeted audience
  • Increased local SEO ranking and Google Maps presence
  • A reputation for being a credible and trustworthy go-to business

Our Local SEO Solutions Guarantee

Allow our team at Innovative Solutions Group to provide you with premium affordable Local SEO services! Avoid the headache of attempting to learn the strategies yourself; or worse, employing unreliable professionals to pretend to do the extensive work necessary to optimize your site. Hiring our experts will guarantee the project will be completed accurately the first time and with quick results! 

Having been in the web design and development services industry for over 25 years, our professionals are aware and knowledgeable in the local SEO ranking factors including, but not limited to, establishing a Google My Business (GMB) listing, ensuring consistently in local business citations, organically incorporating essential keywords, and ensuring quality user experience (UX). These ranking factors, amongst others, are important to the visibility and profitability of your business website. 

In addition, we operate under the motto of, “if our clients are successful, we’re successful”. Our local SEO services will include naturally incorporating local business SEO keywords to target your ideal audience, local search citations, link building and on-site SEO, Google My Business enhancement, and more! We use a variety of proven strategies to maximize your business website content and to improve your local SEO ranking. 

We stand apart from other company’s offering SEO services through our undying dedication to each of our clients and their journey to successfully establishing their online business presence. In addition, although the local SEO services we offer are highly valuable, we are focused on maintaining an affordable price point that is accessible to small, medium, and even large businesses! 

It is our goal, with each client, to work as a partner in your success story and to keep you thoroughly updated on each step we take. We pride ourselves on being thorough and honing in on the fine details of each project for the betterment of your website and business! For a free website audit and to meet a member of our team who can help you get the process of optimizing your website, you can Contact Us here or give us a call at (406)-495-9291

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Our Affordable Local SEO Services and Expertise

Becoming an expert in performing successful local SEO services demands a deep and updated knowledge of the industry paired with years of experience. Our web design and digital marketing team has the training and background necessary to generate lucrative results from your business website! 

Our team at Innovative Solutions Group is fully aware of how time consuming it can be to learn proper SEO strategies, and that is why we are here to take that tasking duty off your plate. It is our mission to take away the stress of building an effective online business presence so you can focus on other important aspects of running your business. 

 Here is an overview of our local SEO services:

  • Free Website Audit: We will complete a free in-depth and accurate SEO audit as a starting point to determine your recent local SEO ranking and to help us build your local SEO services proposal. This valuable service will be our guiding star as we embark on the journey of optimizing and improving your business website ranking! 
  • Effective Keyword Research: Our thorough local SEO keyword research will tell us exactly what we need to know about the words to include to target your ideal audience. We will then strategically implement these keywords throughout your site to improve your ranking and to assist us in building a business site that is geared towards your geographical location.
  • Skillful Content Optimization and Creation: This category is a catch-all for a variety of local SEO services including on-page optimization, professional content writing, the strategic use of metadata and geo-specific keywords, the creation of service pages, and more! These strategies are used to guarantee your site has a high ranking for your location and service area. 
  • Strategic Online Reputation Management: It’s no secret that positive reviews improve business credibility in the eyes of the public; therefore, they also are proven to increase sales rates. Our affordable local SEO services include Online Reputation Management (ORM), which is an ongoing service to help you acquire more positive reviews and build your glowing online reputation. 
  • Google My Business (GMB) SEO: Managing your Google My business to ensure your business information is updated and accurate along with your location is a big step towards gaining website visibility! Our team makes sure your business information is error-free across all platforms and effectively optimized for your specific location. 
  • Beginning-to-End Quality Service: From valuable link building, eCommerce and Franchise SEO, and even intricate and precise citation management, we are committed to offering each of our clients a well-rounded experience to guarantee online success. 

…And more! The art of successful local SEO involves a variety of proven strategies. For more information about our extensive list of services, please Contact Us and receive a free website audit!


Choosing the right local SEO company to raise your rankings and help your business drive more sales can make or break your online success. Increase your online business visibility to your local customers and become known as an authority within your industry!