How to get traffic to your website?


Now that you’ve got a great website, you need to know how to get traffic to your website. Of course, you want to use your domain name on all your advertising materials and business cards. But how to get new “traffic”?  One of the main methods is from being listed on Search Engines. This page gives you the links you need to get your site listed on the top 3 search engines. These sites provide the links that many other sites use. (Click here to see a chart that shows these relationships.)


Free Submission:


They are free, but it takes awhile, sometimes a month or two.


Bing – Submit your site to Bing


Google – Add your URL to Google Page   (An URL – Universal Resource Locator – is your website domain address ie


Yahoo! – Submit Your Site Page  (Has a number of options – Take “Submit Your Site for Free”)


GooglePing – Submit your site to GooglePing


“Sponsored” Links:


In a hurry to get your site listed right away and start getting traffic to your website? Amazing how a few shekels will grease the skids! A company called Overture started the “Pay-for-Click” advertising model. They have now been bought by Yahoo! Google also has the same program.


The concept is simple. You create an account with Yahoo! or Google or both. (You have to manage each separately since they are competitors for your advertising dollar.)  You select the key words that you want to start getting traffic to your website for, and determine how much you will pay for each click. (Minimum is 5 cents per click.)  They will deduct your click fee each time someone clicks on the link to your site. What’s good about this is that you only pay for someone who visits your site!  And you can control how much that is worth, and when to run your advertising! The more you offer to pay per click, the higher your “Sponsored Ad ” will be on their search engines.


Yahoo!  Submit Your Site Page  (Has a number of options – Take “Sponsored Search”)  By entering their site this way, you may get the $25 coupon toward starting an account with them. After you go into their site, there are many options and some great tools!  By clicking on the pricing page you will get access to their BID TOOL that tells you what other ads are paying per click!  The KEY WORD SELECTOR TOOL tells you how many times some one searched for a specific set of key words last month. You enter yours and it gives you suggestions for other words as well.


Google  Google Advertising Page – Then select  “For Advertisers: Google Adwords” which should be on the left hand side of the page. They claim you can be setup and driving new traffic to your site in 15 minutes!  Once inside this page, there many links to check out describing how their program works.


Editor’s Choice?


Which one is better? I really like the tools on Yahoo!  Especially the KEY WORD selector tool.  However, I personally use Google as my search engine of choice. It is my understanding that they get more traffic.  The fact that they offer accounts for as low as $5 and bids as low as 5 cents per click makes GOOGLE a GREAT place to start.


These are just a few of the options available to answer the age old question – how to get traffic to your website.


Need Help?


Give us a call or send me an email and lets discuss how Innovative can help and how to get traffic to your website. We can provide consulting, help design an online campaign, or manage a campaign.  We’re here to help you succeed on the ‘net!