It seems almost everybody has that friend on Facebook that drives them to wonder if they can hide all their posts without them knowing. You scroll and scroll and you cannot get past all of the content they have posted. On the flip side, there are pages and people that post interesting content that drives you to visit their page to find more quality content. You eventually may subscribe to this person or page. When it comes to Facebook, it is no surprise that quality comes before quantity.

Social Bakers found that most major brands post on average only one time per day. At this point, the vast majority already know what Coca-Cola is. Their primary marketing goal is not for more exposure.They strive to create a low amount of posts to keep everybody engaged in their products. Many take this as they should post minuscule amounts. However, this one size fits all approach won’t work for many non-profits, news networks, and small businesses.

Unfortunately, when it comes to posting to Facebook there isn’t a single magical number. It varies widely depending on the page and the target audience. That being said, the best route to navigate social media is to research your target audience and your category of page online. See what works for others and predict whether it works for you. The safe bet is to start off with a lower amount of posts than a high amount- resulting in your current audience leaving due to bombardment. Medical offices may post once or twice a day with interesting health articles relating to their audience. Small businesses may end up posting once or twice a day advertising specials and products. However, this still varies immensely between each business. Here’s an example of a page that will post differently than a business offering a product:

A new, local, non-profit startup animal rescue is investigating how much they should post per day by using the tools already in Facebook. They’re faced with a dilemma. They have tons of information they absolutely need to get out in order to survive, but they also need to not flood the news feed. Posting once per day would be nowhere near the amount needed to spread information about local events, adoptable dogs, and fundraising posts. They’re told by a social media specialist that they need to post a maximum of four times per day. The specialist had the idea that less is more. This is true to an extent. When taking this approach, some followers that had hopes of adopting from a rescue went to other rescues as they weren’t seeing adoptable animal postings. Fundraisers got less exposure. On the flip side, on days where they slipped up on the posting schedule and posted twice per hour or overall too many times that week, they lost followers. They probably lost followers who were just generally interested in the rescue and supporting the cause. They lost donors.

How does this non-profit keep their donors and adopters interested? Trial and error. Make a prediction based on your research. Apply the prediction. Review the results. What magical number works for your target audience and keeps them engaged, not annoyed? For this non-profit, it was around eight times per day! This number would certainly not work for other pages and is not the norm. More importantly, this number could not work for the very same non-profit if their posts were repetitive and boring. They incorporated neat, modern graphics, humor, clarity, short and to the point posts. Whenever more information was needed, they linked their website.This brings us to the next yet most important aspect of posting to Facebook.

Be Interesting

Before working on the amount of posts per day, pages should focus first on the quality and uniqueness of each post. If every post is engaging and interesting, you can better gauge the number of posts per day needed. If you schedule one fabulous post per day, you may end up getting more engagement than five boring posts. You can flip those numbers around depending on what type of Facebook page you are running. Next week we will talk about what factors that make a post different and captivating.

Whether you’re advertising a product that only needs to be shown once or twice a day, or a local non-profit, Innovative Solutions can help you own your Facebook page and keep audiences coming back. Contact us today.