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WordPress Maintenance Plans – Let Us Help You Keep Your WordPress Website Safe and Secure!


With nearly 30% of the total websites worldwide being built on and powered by WordPress, it has become highly targeted by hackers who try to gain access to these websites. Although we feel the benefits of having a WordPress website highly outweigh the cons, this is probably the largest and one of the few cons to having a WordPress website. The most common way for hackers to gain access and compromise a WordPress website is through theme, plugin or core WordPress files that are not updated to the latest versions. When a vulnerability in any WordPress file is discovered, the developer will work as quickly as possible to create an updated version to correct the vulnerability. Once the update is available, it should be installed as quickly as possible to prevent any possible compromises.

Innovative Solutions Group proudly offers WordPress maintenance plans to fit any budget! If you will not have the time to create backups and install any available updates to your WordPress website regularly, we highly recommend that you take advantage of one of our monthly plans (outlined below), and have us take care of everything for you. As an added bonus, these plans give you discounted rates on our hourly rates to be used for anything you may need done to your website!


Approximately 30,000 websites are hacked everyday. Keep your website safe and up-to-date by purchasing one of our affordable maintenance plans.

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