All-In-One WordPress Maintenance Service

Enjoy peace of mind with all-in-one WordPress maintenance. Off-site backup, spam prevention, core file updates, and more. Choose a low-cost plan today!



We offer WordPress maintenance and support that will:


keep your website safe

 Rest assured knowing that your WordPress website is much safer and more secure. No website is 100% safe from vulnerabilities, but by keeping your plugins, themes, and software updated to the latest versions, your website is much less vulnerable to possible compromises.

save you time

Installing updates, running website backups and other routine wordpress maintenance tasks take time to perform and need to be done on a regular basis. Let us handle all this for you at a very reasonable price.

save you money

Paying for a professional to clean a hacked website can cost $1000’s of dollars. Stay ahead of the game by allowing us to take care of your WordPress maintenance and security. It could save you a lot of time and money, not to mention the stress and headaches that come with a hacked website.

Approximately 30,000 websites are hacked every single day. Don’t let yours be next! Let us help keep your website safe and secure by ordering one of our affordable WordPress maintenance plans today.

all essential WordPress Website Maintenance Tasks included

All packages include the essentials needed for any WordPress website.

Wordpress Core File Updates

WordPress core files need to be kept updated to the latest version to keep your website running smoothly and to take advantage of the improvements that the WordPress development team is constantly rolling out.

Wordpress Theme Updates

As with WordPress core files, your themes need to be kept updated to the latest version. Top theme developers work hard to improve their themes and keeping your themes updated will ensure that you’re taking advantage of these improvements.

Wordpress plugin Updates

Having outdated plugins is by far the #1 cause for WordPress websites to be hacked. If a vulnerability in a plugin is discovered, the developers will work hard to fix the vulnerability as quick as possible and roll out an update to fix it. These updates need to be installed quickly to keep your website safe.

Spam comment removal + Prevention

Unfortunately, spammers target WordPress sites and leave their “spammy” comments. We’ll remove any you may already have and prevent them from being posted in the future.

Off-site website backups

We create of-site backups of your entire website. This ensures that we can get your website back up and running quickly if anything ever does go wrong.

$10/hr discount on hourly rates

In appreciation to or clients, we will give you a $10/hr. discount on our current hourly rate. This can be used for anything you may need done on your website, from SEO, content updates or additions, graphics work and more.

WordPress maintenance service plans by innovative solutions

wordpress maintenance plans and support


Innovative Solutions Group proudly offers WordPress maintenance service plans to fit any budget! If you will not have the time to create backups and install any available updates to your WordPress website regularly, we highly recommend that you take advantage of one of our monthly service plans (outlined below), and have us take care of everything for you. As an added bonus, these plans give our clients discounted rates on our hourly rates to be used for anything they may need done to their website!

With nearly 30% of the total websites worldwide being built on and powered by WordPress, it has become highly targeted by hackers who try to gain access to these websites.

Although we feel the benefits of having a WordPress website highly outweigh the cons, this is probably the largest and one of the few cons to having a WordPress website. The most common way for hackers to gain access and compromise a WordPress website is through theme, plugin or core WordPress files that are not updated to the latest versions. Outdated plugins and themes create major security issues. When a vulnerability in any WordPress file is discovered, the developer will work as quickly as possible to create an updated version to correct the vulnerability. Once the update is available, it should be installed as quickly as possible to prevent any possible compromises. Proper wordpress maintenance service is required on a regular basis for good website security.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I change my maintenance plan to a different package if needed?

Absolutely, you can change plans to meet your needs at any time.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

Although we do everything we can to keep you happy with your maintenance plan, you are free to cancel at any time.

I have multiple wordpress sites - do you have any bulk discounts?

Absolutely! Give us a call at 406-495-9291 or shoot us an email at [email protected] and let’s talk about your needs and work out a special deal.

Do I have to have site hosting with Innovative?

Not necessarily… Our only maintenance plan that requires you to host with us is our Platinum Plus plan, and this is only because the firewall/malware protection software we use is licensed to our server.

Do website maintenance plans include search engine optimization?

Our higher end plans include free hours of our time that can most definitely be used for SEO services and a lot of our current clients use the time for just that purpose.

What if my website uses plugins or themes that are no longer supported?

If your website is using plugins or themes that are no longer supported, it is highly recommended that the outdated plugins/themes are replaced with new ones that are current and still supported. If this is the case, we will help you find alternatives and make recommendations as needed.