Why are there sites that are clearly not SEO optimized sitting at the top of search results? Why are some search engine optimized sites still landing on page thirty? Google and other search engine’s jobs are rather simple: Deliver desired, quality content to the end user. Search engine optimization is a way of getting your website found by Google. The basics of SEO revolve around getting quality and purposeful content discovered.

Think of your website as a store. A store that is clean, well designed, but offers poor quality products will be beat out by the hole in the wall shop that sells quality products despite the poor environment. It is safe to say, however, that the run down store could still do better by providing organization and a better customer experience.

If a website offers poor content or products that are not desired, the amount of SEO work will do very little for this website. A website that thousands of users flood to in order to receive quality content despite the lack of SEO will always do better. Search engine’s jobs are to deliver the desired content, not just search engine optimized content. This is precisely why the purpose and content of a website must be considered above almost all other factors. Obviously if the website is glitchy and users cannot access the content, then the content takes a back seat.

Many myths arise from the idea that SEO alone will get a website discovered. A very common belief is that things like an XML sitemap will increase one’s search rankings. However, an XML sitemap just helps search engines crawl your site and collect content. If the content is poor, an XML sitemap will do very little.

Quality content ranks as incredibly important. This is why things like copying content from other sites will hurt site ranking. The content is not original and can be found elsewhere. Search engines are looking to rank websites that contribute to the web and overall improve the end user experience.

Website owners who have great content but aren’t found are those who are ready to dive into search engine optimization. Local businesses also need to be up to date with SEO in order to keep up with competition. Our staff at Innovative Solutions has seen hundreds of websites that have succeeded and they know what works. If you need help with content, search engine optimization services, or anything else related to your website, please contact us today!