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wordpress website maintenance cost


Proper website maintenance is often overlooked. In general, WordPress provides a platform which allows for simple creation, implementation and use of business and personal websites. However, it is important to note that your site setup will not function smoothly forever.

If you neglect proper care and upkeep, the performance of website will decline over time. As a result, you could lose clients, and your site might even be subject to cyber security risks.

Maintenance is not considered to be the most exciting of tasks. In fact, the word does not hold positive connotation for most people.

The assumption is that maintenance means spending more time on a projects that is working at acceptable levels. Also, the upkeep tasks often translate into additional expenses. In addition, maintenance work cannot truly be completed. The procedures must be conducted over and over throughout the life of the WordPress Website.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about wordpress website maintenance cost.

Benefits of Website Upkeep

The downsides of long-term website maintenance are obvious. Therefore, there are numerous businesses and people who choose to forgo upkeep in order to save money and reduce the labor and time demands.

However, the potential gains of this preventative process outweigh the losses. Consider the below benefits of keeping your WordPress website in good condition.

Detection of Problems

Most problems in websites do not manifest immediately. Often, the malfunctions will fester over time before causing a crash. If you are ignorant of the concealed issues, your website could experience a lot of downtime.

This will translate into significant losses. Maintenance work is beneficial because it will allow for the detection of potential causes of failure before actual site crash. In simple terms, you will notice anomalies when conducting upkeep. This will ensure timely resolution of detected problems.

Improved Security

Security is a primary concern for website owners. This issue is particularly pressing if you handle your customers’ data on a regular basis. If your security is compromised, sensitive information on your clients could be revealed.

This will not only cause your business to lose the trust of current and potential clients. It could also open up the business to legal suits. If you are diligent in website maintenance, your security measures will be always up to date, minimizing the risks and protecting you and your clients.

Scheduled Improvement

Conducting essential updates on your WordPress website can be a tiring and time-consuming. Moreover, it is easy to forget about improving the website when caught up with your other tasks. WordPress maintenance provides an opportunity to conduct updates to optimize the website. In simple terms, when updating your website, you will discover new plug-ins and features which can optimize performance. It will protect you from lagging behind your competitors.

Fresh Design and Content

If you have designed a beautiful WordPress website, you should not assume that your choices will look great forever. The world of web is constantly changing. If you do not keep up with the times it will be easy for your website to become a liability.

Your maintenance periods provide an opportunity to determine whether the current design and content is working in favor of your goals. If your design or content is not fresh, your customers will not love it, and the search engines could ignore you.

Investment Protection

Website maintenance is a way to protect your investment into your business or other personal pursuits. In the modern commercial setting, a website is an indispensable asset. If you lose your content or any other aspect of your site, your business could be crippled for a period of time.

Backups are critical in the maintenance process of a WordPress site. Backing up your website will prevent the loss of your content and other critical elements, if something should go wrong when installing updates.

Is Website Maintenance Worth It?

The primary downside of WordPress website maintenance is the ongoing costs. These expenses can be significant and will have an effect on your profit margin. However, the upkeep is a worthwhile investment.

Simply speaking, if you do not conduct maintenance, your website is likely to fail and experience downtime. This will mean that you will lose business during this period. Also, disappointed clients might not return after the initial failure to access your site.

Maintenance vs. Repair

In addition to downtime, the lack of website maintenance could result in significant repair costs. When making your decision on whether to invest in website upkeep, you should not only consider the maintenance cost.

It is important to determine the financial implications of website repair if and when the site fails. You will find that it is more efficient and economical to conduct maintenance instead of waiting for the website to fail and then repair it.

Understanding the WordPress Website Maintenance Costs

If you have decided to proceed with WordPress website maintenance, it is essential to understand the factors which will influence the costs of the process. Proper calculation of the expenses will help you plan more effectively for the upkeep.

Often, it can be difficult to conduct the work because there are no funds allocated to the maintenance. In addition, when you know the cost factors, it will be easy to choose the best options for cost control.

Here are the core issues for which you must account when budgeting for wordpress website upkeep.

There are a lot of WordPress maintenance services that can help you for a monthly fee that start around $29/month.

Monitoring Security

Monitoring the security details of your WordPress website is one of the most critical elements of maintenance. The goal is to keep an eye on anomalies which could indicate breaches.

For instance, monitoring will help in identifying hacking attempts and changes to your database. In general, it is possible to install a free plug-in on your website for security check-ups. WordPress plug-ins will send notifications in case of problems.

However, it is important to note that these free solutions are not completely reliable. They do not provide automated monitoring, and the options for managing threats are limited.

Therefore, you might need to spend money on premium plug-ins for malware scans, constant monitoring and other security solutions. The alternative is hiring an IT specialist for malware scans.

Cleaning the Site

You will need to conduct periodic clean-ups of your WordPress site. The goal is to eliminate elements which might contribute to security vulnerabilities or even a decline in performance. For instance, you might need to check up on access rights and remove individuals who are no longer allowed into your website.

It is also important to make time for resetting the passwords. Consider generating new security keys as wells as salts to promote site security.

In addition, clean the spam, patch the code and repair defaced pages. If you are a website expert, the cost of these tasks will only be on your time. However, it is advisable to opt for professional help for thorough clean-up.

Monitoring Uptime

Modern businesses depend on online presence and features to ensure success. This means that every minute of downtime will result in a loss of revenue. Therefore, it is essential to have a method of keeping an eye on the performance of the website.

This maintenance process is overlooked because a little downtime never seems harmful. You can ascertain whether it is worthwhile by calculating how much each unit time of downtime costs you.

For instance, the lost revenue for a day due to downtime can be determined by dividing the total revenue by the number of days in the month. There are free tools for uptime monitoring on WordPress websites available.

However, these will only show the downtime if you log-on. Premium tools will provide real-time notifications, allowing for timely resolution.

Optimizing Performance

Your website performance can decline due to various factors, including high volume searches and the presence of bots. If your site is not optimized, your loading speed will decline. Slow websites could cause valuable visitors to turn from the website.

People are usually impatient and will press their back button if a page takes longer than a few seconds to load. It is advisable to invest in a caching plug-in for your WordPress website.

An optimization strategy for your images will also promote faster loading. In addition, consider using a speed monitoring tool on your website to identify slow speed.

Backing Up

Backing up your website is crucial for protecting your content and minimizing the losses in case of a disaster. Fortunately, there are little to no costs associated with this aspect of website maintenance. In simple terms, if you are using the WordPress platform, you can choose a free backup plugin.

It is advisable to send the backup to a secure storage setup. This might mean investing in a storage service from a qualified cloud provider. After this, the backup process will be automated, and there will be no additional costs.

Site Software Update

WordPress updates are essential because they ensure that the software installed works efficiently and securely. The updates provided can be designed for use on the core program, the plugins or even the theme.

It is important to keep your site in the right condition through timely updates. There are different approaches for dealing with updates. The simplest is automating the setup.

WordPress will incorporate the updates as needed as soon as they are launched. You can use a plugin to manage the automatic update settings.

The most secure option is manual updating. This process will require you to check the updates and then approve the updates. This gives you more control, but you will need to invest in time or hire an expert.

Content Check-up

It is advisable to check up on the content on your site. The material on your pages can encourage or discourage visitors to engage. If you have a single website, you can install a database optimization plugin.

There are also multi-site management tools for WordPress. These features will scan and remove files which should not be in your website. Typically, there are no additional costs associated with using these simple tools.

However, you might need to invest time in checking up on the media, comments and pages and removing the unnecessary contents.

Auditing and Editing

Website audits will help you detect issues which could compromise the user experience. This task is not complicated if you have some skill in website management and some time. Your goal should be to find broken links, outdated design and poor mobile responsiveness.

It is advisable to conduct the tests manually for ideal results. Plugins might not be thorough and will not gauge some elements accurately.

When you find weaknesses in your design, plan for immediate editing. This might involve restructuring the links, improving the styling and removing old and useless elements like promotional banners.

Calculating the Total Costs of Maintenance

If you would like to have a good estimate of your WordPress website maintenance costs, take into account the above outlined tasks and their costs. In simple terms, add up the price of purchasing software, plugins and services related to maintaining your website.

It is also prudent to consider the expenses related to the labor. This aspect is of particular importance if you are hiring a specialist for the upkeep work. Most experts will charge for their services per hour. Therefore, you will need to calculate the amount of time needed for the completion of the tasks. You might also want to think about the value of your personal time if you intend to handle the website upkeep personally.

Should You Outsource WordPress Website Maintenance?

If you decide to outsource your website maintenance needs, it is important to consider the financial implications. For the best results, consider looking at the payment options provided by the accessible specialists. In general, the hourly charge is not favorable for established businesses.

It is not an economical choice because the payments will depend on the state of your website. A damaged website will often require a lot of time to fix, and the fees can add up.

When dealing with long-term website operation, a WordPress website maintenance package is the best solution. After all, the upkeep work will be needed regardless of the state of your site. A package will ensure that a specialist will conduct the required tasks without additional fees. Some management companies will charge annually while others are paid monthly. Annual packages often offer discounts. However, the monthly option might be better for your cash flow.

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