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It’s estimated that there are 9,022,000,000 Google searches each day. If you want to get noticed online, you need to have a stellar SEO campaign.

Simply having a few choice keywords on your website and running a modest PPC campaign isn’t enough for a robust SEO campaign. If you want to start seeing true results and more conversions, you need to utilize audience targeting.

Want to learn more about this powerful way to target potential customers? Read on to find out what you need to do to better appeal to your target audience.

Finding Your Target Audience

Before we can talk about audience targeting for SEO, we need to make sure that you know your audience.

Take time to think about your ideal customer. Consider what motivates them to search for your products or services. Think about the kind of person they are.

If you sell high-end suits, your target audience could be business professionals that earn at least 100k a year and only need your services when they need a tailor or a new suit.

If you offer insurance policies, your target audience could be middle-class parents that need affordable plans. They need a company they feel like they can trust and will provide enough coverage for their kids.

The easiest way to do this is to build a few customer personas. Consider sending surveys to some of your top customers to dig deeper into their buying motivations, and also take time to build off of what you think your customers want.

Also, consider using tools to see what people are searching for in general. Google Trends can give you more insight into what people are doing on the web

Once you know who you’re targeting, you can start tailoring your SEO campaign for your audience.

Improving Audience Targeting For Your SEO Campaign

There are always new tools and methods for improving your audience. But if you want a professional’s opinion on the matter, make sure you follow these methods.

Consider Buyer Stages

Do you think that every person that views your website is ready to make a purchase? If so, you need to rethink your buyer persona.

So many people that aren’t ready to buy or use your services are going to find your website. That’s why it’s important to think about the people that aren’t looking to spend money when they land on your website.

Think about the people that may be learning about your product or service for the first time. Landing on an information-heavy page after clicking an ad that’s targeted towards them can be helpful.

Consider the people that are thinking about either going with you, or with a competitor. Launch a retargeting ad so you can capture people that have landed on your website. Stay fresh in their minds, and help make a sale.

Think About Long Tail Keywords

If you have an SEO or PPC campaign and you’ve done your keyword research, you probably have a few chosen keywords that are in all of your content.

When you want to improve audience targeting in your SEO campaign, you should think about adding more longtail keywords to your campaign.

Adding longtail keywords are simple. You just have to think about certain qualifiers that you’d add to your existing keywords.

Let’s say you’re targeting designer women’s shoes. You may think you’re already being specific, but there are other words you can add to targeted keywords that are even more useful.

Instead of going for designer women’s shoes, think about adding designer women’s shoes in California. That way you’ll be able to target people that are more likely to stop in your store.

To take a step further, consider adding more location keywords. Women’s shoes in Santa Monica, CA would be much more useful to you than women’s shoes in California.

Utilize Social Listening

If you have a PPC and SEO campaign, it’s safe to assume that you probably utilize forms of social media like Facebook.

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be great for reaching customers, but if you utilize the data you collect they’ll be more powerful.

Take time to see what’s trending on each platform each morning. You may be able to find a popular news event or search term to reference in your social posts so you can get more reach and impressions.

Many social platforms make it easy to utilize social listening. You can find trending topics among interests, income levels, and other key differentiators.

Paying attention to social media can also help give you a leg up on the competition.

Be sure to follow all of your main competitors in social media. Their posts can covertly tell you about new products and services, new employees, and what they’re currently promoting.

See how customers respond to them, and how your business rivals interact with them.

Think About “Gaps”

If you want to use your SEO campaign to truly and accurately speak to your audience and potential buyers, think about what gaps you can fill that competitors don’t.

If you utilize social listening techniques on your audience recommended above and pair that with some simple research, you can see why your competitors are failing their audience.

Have you noticed that your competitor’s prices are much higher than yours? You should tailor your campaign towards people that are looking for a good deal.

Have you noticed a competitor’s customers complaining about the quality of the products or services they received? Take time to promote how you only use the best supplies and hight trained employees.

Want To Learn More?

Now that you know the basics of using audience targeting to improve your SEO, there may be other facets of digital marketing you’re interested in.

If you want to learn more about writing stellar website copy, read our post about what makes good content. And as always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Thinking about starting an SEO camaign? Give us a call and let’s discuss our SEO services.