Best WordPress Event Registration Plugins

Best WordPress Event Registration Plugins


Well, your beautiful WordPress website is finally up and running. Things are right where you had wanted them to be, well, almost. Your plans are finally coming to fruition, it’s just a little niggle here and there that you have to sort out before you move to the next phase of the project.

And that next phase of the project is having your users be able to buy tickets, or book spaces at events that you want to hold. So far, the variety of WordPress themes have been excellent at what you wanted them to do. There’s just this one thing that you are not sure of. Does WordPress have something to help you with registration of events and bookings?

The best part about WordPress is that it is absolutely easy for you to get a plugin that will handle event registration tasks for you. You don’t have to develop your own plugin, or even hire someone to do it for. This absolutely enormous library of plugins is what makes WordPress one of the best content management systems in the world.

Of course, with such a large number of event registration plugins available to you, you would not be sure as to which will best suit your needs, or whether it is actually any good in comparison to what it’s been advertised to be.

This is where we come in. We have made it out business to provide you with a list of the best event registration plugins that are available to your WordPress website.

Here are 10 of the best WordPress event registration plugins you can get.

WP Event Manager

Here is something that comes with beginners in mind. It is a product that is designed to first and foremost, be very light. That means depending on the kind of hosting that you have chosen, this plugin will not add to the load times of your website.

And that’s just the beginning. This plugin is designed to act as both an event registration plugin, with the added capabilities of event management as well. You don’t need to have two, or even three separate plugins to do the job. It comes equipped with a range of features to fulfill all the wants and needs that may arise as you get into event planning and hosting.

Some of these features include the ability to add event calendars and alerts, to add Google Maps locations to events, to link the contacts of the organizers as well as hook up Google Analytics for it to give you insight into how well the event is doing.

One good thing about this plugin is that it is built to scale with your website. As your capacity increases, so do the capabilities of this plugin. And as you begin setting up even more events, it allows you to create lists with just a singular line of code. You even have the ability to embed files in the plugin.

The best part of this plugin, and why it’s a darling of many, is that it is compatible with almost all WordPress themes that are in existence. It doesn’t matter whether your website will be accessed mainly by mobile phone. The responsiveness built into it makes it compatible with all screen sizes.

It also is built to work with the major browsers out there, from Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and the dreaded Internet Explorer. You never have to worry about compatibility issues.
For every event you create, you have the ability to connect it directly to a website that you would like the people interested in the event to be directed to, or even to an email address in case any further information is required of the event.

This plugin offers a lot of its functionality absolutely free. For the advanced functionalities though, you can make purchases to improve the functionality of the plugin, based on what you deem is necessary for your website.

Modern Events Calendar

The makers of this plugin have perhaps been practicing a bit of foreshadowing and it somehow leaked into how they name their plugins. For this one, the name gives you an insight into the functionality of the plugin.

The user interface of this plugin has taken several steps forward in how it presents all the information you will need. And it’s not just you who will like the intuitive way the plugin approaches displaying information. You have yourself a variety of designs to choose from. These designs will show up on the front end, which can enhance the quality of your brand and your website.

Aside from just being an event registration plugin, it can also work as a booking system. It also comes with an event repeating system built into it, which will make your work easier in cases where events recur over a period of time.

If you were using another plugin and decided it was time to switch, you won’t have to start keying in all the events from the beginning. You can simply use the transfer feature built into the plugin to import all the events that you had, and have planned on your previous plugin. Talk about a life saver.

At only $34, this plugin offers a lot of bang for the buck. And the good thing is, you get a year’s worth of support from Code Canyon. You won’t even need to pay for any other functionalities that you would like from the plugin.

Of course, this plugin is built to be compatible with a great number of themes and screens that will be accessing your website. It also comes with a number of free integrations such as Google Maps, Google Calendar, PayPal and so many more.

Creating events is a flexible affair with this plugin and it comes with event countdown modules, repeat events, recurring events and so much more.


Here is the plugin that’s meant for the webmaster who doesn’t want to ply around and just wants to get down to business. Play will come after several successful events. And this shows by the fact that you can’t get some free functionality from this. It is a premium only plugin that costs $23 at Code Canyon.

If you are a webmaster who loves to play around with different designs and different colors, then this would be the plugin to help you achieve the look and feel that you are looking for. You have the ability to build calendars that will have visitors to your website wowed by the aesthetics. This is one of the most visually pleasing event management plugins available.

The excellent experience that the user will receive from this plugin is rivalled by only a few. Aside from just being beautiful, it is also quite functional. What with displaying all the information the user will need right on the calendar. No need for additional clicks to get to all the necessary information.

You also get to use the intuitive arrangement of events, which is designed so that the user will see other events that you may have lined up. This will appear in the form of intuitive tiles. The designers clearly understood how to make a functional design beautiful.

For all its beauty, it’s easy to forget that tis plugin was designed, not as a beautification tool for your website, even though it can act as such, but as a pretty good event management plugin. It comes with a variety f event organization tools, and you don’t need to cough up extra cash for those features to work right off the bat.

The excellent user experience continues with this plugin. It allows the users to search for specific events via the utility of the search bar, and also allows them to share with the included social media share buttons. If you are looking for something functional yet beautiful, then this definitely should be your first and only stop in your search for an event registration plugin.

The Events Calendar

Well, it’s not everyone who is out to show the world that they can build beautiful websites. In fact, it can be tedious in some cases. In others, the simplicity of the build is the genius behind why it works, and doesn’t need a lot in terms of maintenance resources. Tine and effort are precious resources that the makes of the Event Calendar put into consideration when coming up with this plugin.

This WordPress event registration plugin was designed for rapid addition of events to the calendar. You don’t need to take a whole day just to create an event and post it on your website. For a busy organization, the faster this can be done, the better. And that’s why this plugin comes with that very tool; to rapidly put up events on a website without too much fuss.

As many others have taught us, form always follows function. While that may work in various design fields, many tend to ignore the form in favor of the function. Not the Events Calendar. Even though it is designed with rapid work in mind, it still does well on the eye candy front.

It also comes loaded with a number of intuitive features that will be absolutely crucial for that busy organization. Some of them include the ability to put up recurring events, adding short codes, and even adding custom attributes to events. Collecting RSVPs can be done even with the most basic form of this plugin and even collect ticket fees with the accompanying Events Tickets plugin that integrates seamlessly into Events Calendar.

Perhaps the best feature of this plugin is its ability to plug into Eventbrite and pull events into it while being accompanied by a variety of beautiful front-end User interfaces. All of this functionality and simplicity comes at a cost though. At $89 at the time of writing this, this is one of the most expensive plugins you will encounter.

What it does come with, though, is excellent support from the team that built the plugin. Also, the accompanying plugins are innovative, like GigPress. This plugin allows concert managers and bands to manage their own gigs or concerts, and make any changes where necessary.

All-In-One Event Calendar

Every website manager is different. You can have the go-getter who isn’t afraid to try out new things, and probably has a number of requirements that not every plugin will be able to provide. However, whenever they do find that plugin that they feel will work for them, it doesn’t matter whether it is untested, they will still go for it.

Then, there are others who view their website not as a proving ground, but as a place of business. That means putting in only the best, with the input of others as well. And that’s where this plugin excels. With over 150,000 installs, and an average of four and a half stars in rating, this is the plugin for the prudent website manager.

And there is a reason why this plugin is so popular. The core functionality of this plugin is it allows users to share events easily. It also makes the process of signing u quite easy with the front-end submission form. And if you are a big fan of using social media to promote your business, this plugin easily allows you to integrate your Twitter, making sharing your events a very smooth and efficient process.

From here, it is the standard features of a good number of plugins that take over. The ability to put up recurring events makes this very popular. Perhaps it is the ease with which this is done is what makes this plugin score high on the satisfactory scale.

This plugin isn’t just an event registration plugin. It also works quite well as an event management plugin, what with the ability to categorize events and even color code them. You also get the ability to import events from other plugins and calendars, as well as export the events to various other calendars and plugins.

Calendar by WD

As mentioned earlier, every website manager is different. There are some who would like their plugins to do one job only. We like to think of them in terms of skilled people. There are some who are well versed in the ways of the katana or the kukri, they can use them with such precision that they can slice the wings off a fly while it is in flight.

There are others though who wouldn’t mind being MacGyver. Just by having a Swiss knife in your pockets and you can get yourself out of every situation imaginable. Similarly, website managers are different. Some would love that plugin that does one job perfectly, while others would love a plugin that can handle a lot at once. Calendar by WD is definitely the plugin the latter type of website managers would love to have on their website.

Perhaps the best thing about this plugin is its price. It’s better to say, or lack of a price. This free plugin has become a priceless tool for many who have come to love and cherish it. And here is why.

This WordPress event registration plugin gives you the ability to put in events, and then add in a ton of information on those plugins. Dates, venues, names and contacts of event holders, photos of the event and even videos to promote the event. If that’s not all, you can add multiple events across multiple pages of your website.

When you have multiple event son a single date, this plugin will handle this with the grace of a swan gliding gently along the surface of the lake. Recurring events are perhaps the easiest to handle. Just create one event, and then add in the repeat dates and voila! The plugin does the rest for you.

And as the Swiss Knife of WordPress event registration plugins, you can of course expect it to work on a variety of devices. The responsiveness built into it allows it to contort and still be beautiful on screens of any size.

Event Espresso 4 Decaf

Well, it should be noted that even though one may be skilled at the katana, not all katanas are the same. Some may be ceremonial, built only for show but not actual work, and others can be of high value because of how well it is built. Others can be of poor quality and others looked down upon just because of the people it is associated with.

Similarly, Swiss Knifes come in all shapes and sizes, and built with different materials. These will end up determining its value. That’s why even though the previous plugin is highly regarded for its ability, it this Event Espresso 4 Decaf that is held in high esteem, simply because of where it comes from.

The team that built this plugin have been known for coming up with excellent plugins. This fourth iteration of their famous plugin just made things a whole lot better. You can get quite a good number of the required features just from using the free, basic plugin. If you would like more functionality, then there are a number of paid features that you can get. How much you are going to spend will be dependent on the features that you want.

If that’s not all, Event Espresso has a paid plan available for website managers who would want to have more than just event registration management for their websites. Event Espresso are known to build excellent WordPress themes as well as integrations to services such as MailChimp, PayPal and other essential services.

Events Manager

From your probable trips to the plugin store, you realize that there are literally thousands of plugins that do the very same thing that you want to accomplish. From these thousands, there are probably a few that you personally have seen and you just weren’t sure of. It’s why you came looking for a guide to help you make a decision.

Well, we did take out time to narrow down some of the best plugins for you. We looked at those that offered the best features, we looked at some that offered more value over others, but now it’s time to look at a different metric, and for this, only one plugin qualifies.

This category is the overall best plugin. In a world where literally thousands exist, only one could offer you more utility and more value than whatever the competition could have put out there, and that plugin is Events Manager.

The free version of this WordPress event registration plugin offers you great features and functionality. The way it is set up, if you are running an average website, you would never need another plugin, neither will you ever have the need to upgrade to the pro version of the plugin.

If you do want to upgrade to pro though, you still get plenty more features such as excellent support from the team behind this plugin. You also get a custom gateway to help with payments from different countries across the world. You also get an API as well as spam protection to keep your payments safe from would be scammers and hackers.

Managing this plugin is quite simple as well. If you are already used to the WordPress backend, then you should be able to install this plugin and start managing it immediately. You really would not need a manual to help you through with this.

When it comes to plugins, this is the horse in a field of mules. You get a great amount of features for free, including Google Maps integration. The only reason you would want to upgrade to the paid version is to help with the payment solutions.


An event registration plugin is absolutely necessary if you want to offer your website’s users with a way to book gigs online fuss free. Technology has come a long way from the days of queueing to buy a ticket to now where online payments mean less of a hustle and hassle when one wants to attend a gig. Choosing the right event registration plugin would help put your website way above the rest.

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