Content Marketing Strategies


Content is the key to get exposure in the digital world. With the continuous advancements in the technology, marketers have become more concerned with finding productive ways of getting
attention from their target audience. Your content reflects the image of your brand. Today, it has become very challenging to retain substantial brand impact, as your competitors are also trying hard to capture the market.

The content you provide is the connecting point between your brand and potential customers. The more interesting your brand story is, the more your target audience will gravitate towards you. Similarly, an absurd brand story can also drive them away.

People are exposed to a number of promotions and advertisements every day, it is up to the marketers as to how they manage to bring the brand into the spotlight. Your potential customers demand value. The more value you provide to your customers, the more they want to know about you. All you need to do is to utilize an effective content marketing strategy.

Top-notch content is significant for eCommerce stores as well. Customers tend to analyze  products through the content.

According to an infographic from FME extensions “8 out of 10 online stores fail within the first 24 months”.

The content should be elaborate and have all the product-specific information included. allowing customers to easily evaluate and make the purchasing decision wisely. Today, we are going to share the most effective content marketing strategies to capture attention from your target audience in 2019.

Identify Your Target Audience

You can acquire increased organic traffic to your website by fabricating high-quality content, but it may not be the best audience for your brand. When you have a clear understanding of your target audience, you can put your focus on creating the content that will resonate with their interests and needs.

Knowing about your potential audience not only involves their demographics but also their demands, what are they searching for, their ages, income, and gender, etc. matter a lot.

Getting familiar with your audience will help you create tailored content crafted in accordance to their needs and demands.

You can also conduct polls and surveys on social media channels to learn more about your target audience. Then create the content that they need and want most. If they find it meaningful and interesting, they will be more likely to share it with their followers and, they will return often to see what new content you have available.

Content Relevancy

We all know that search engines tend to display the most relevant results when a query is typed in the search bar. You will come across multiple sources that will provide information related to your query. It is a good thing for people to be exposed to a vast range of information. However, this can be disastrous to tour brand if your loyal customers find out the services of other brands are more robust and effective, they may start considering those instead of yours.

All you need to do is generate content that offers great value to potential customers. It includes solving their issues related to a particular subject, teaching them about multiple tools or spreading awareness about social issues. At the same time, you can integrate your marketing pitch to encourage sales.

Try to avoid over-promoting your brand, as people may get annoyed, instead balance this out with higher quality, relevant and unique content to be noticed in the crowd.

Choose the Right Content for Your Audience

As a business marketer, you may hear things like marketing through blogs is no longer productive or there is no significance in creating podcasts, or micro animations are in trend now.

Many businesses start investing in content that can take them to nowhere, in the end they feel like they have failed. After that, they either limit their efforts or give up completely.

When businesses invest in research in finding out which content approach leads them to more productivity, they have a much higher chance of success. They need to understand that increased
traffic to their websites is not necessarily an indication of success, but that making conversions will create a huge difference.

Tell a Compelling Story

We all grew up listening to stories and most of these are still very much alive in our minds. It is the same case with a story that is integrated into your content; it will have the capability to stick in the users mind. Whenever they recall the story, the brand that is linked with the story will also come up in their minds. An amazing story that is relatable and understandable can grow your audience and keep them interested in you and your services. The brand message in plain language could be neglected by many, whereas an interesting story has some kind of emotional attachment to it. The emotional details in your content create a better chance of connecting your visitors to you for the long haul.

Analyze Your Competitor’s Strategy

Online domains that have already captured a huge number of target audiences should be your main focus in order to get some inspiration from the nature of the content they are making use of.

Research all the essential data from your competitor’s website like blog articles, videos and other content they are producing. The content will give you insights about important topics your target audience wants to learn about.

Your competitor’s content will give you ideas for your content and ways to improve upon it, so that your audience is more likely to prefer your website over others.

Analyze which social media channels they are approaching to distribute the content and which keywords they have integrated to enhance their web exposure. Explore the popular terms they are making use of for getting in the spotlight to acquire user engagement.

Market Your Content Effectivly

These days every business needs a substantial marketing strategy to attract their target audience. Same is the case with your website’s content. In order to propagate the content, choose marketing platforms wisely. Now social media channels have provided a great advantage of easy and instant promotional techniques and tools, which allows targeted marketing.

According to FME ”Social media manages 3.2 billion visual shares daily”.

You will also find a number of forums where you can notify your audience of the advantages of your content. If you have already created a solid customer base then you can also utilize powerful promotional means like email marketing, PPC (pay per click), and social media advertisements to extend its exposure.

Examine Your Existing Content

Along with promotions and other SEO based activities, you need to scrutinize your content first. Here are some crucial points you need to examine.

  • Whether your content is appealing and has captivating twists that will keep your audience reading it.
  • Your content should be precise and relevant. Users should not feel like you have dragged the content too much and have lost the actual essence of the theme.
  • The content should not have too much of an integrated marketing pitch, your audience might get annoyed with this approach of over-promoting your services.

Schedule Your Content Distribution Strategies

Determine the Most Relevant Channels

What you want is the return of your investment on your marketing campaigns and time you have spent in setting goals and in making those campaigns influential. Besides all those efforts, if you have failed to acquire the intended success then one of the major reasons could be the wrong choice of channels for your content marketing.

Try to utilize flexible tools to discover your potential customers. The channels they are most active on and share their opinions on are ideal places to tell share your brand message. Advanced tools will help you discover the nature of content your target audience is more likely to gravitate towards.

Be More Persistent on Social Media Channels

These days’ customers tend to approach social media channels to explore big players in the business. They search for brands they are interested in. Whether you have created a business page or keep sharing your brand-related information in multiple groups, you can surely analyze the difference in your conversions.

Do not forget to interact with your followers, the more you will assist them in their brand-related queries, the more likely they will incline towards your brand and chances are most of them will become your loyal customers as well.

Utilize AI-powered tools

Fabricating an effective content strategy is a quite daunting process. Most of the time the marketer’s main objective is to create compelling content that will attract a large audience. They often use tools to search for keywords and to track performance. Still they remain skeptical about the execution and response from audience.

AI-powered tools have proven to be influential with capabilities to accurately calculate the data and make predictions.

HubSpot’s content strategy tool is backed by powerful machine learning algorithms to assist marketers in exploring trending content ideas and leads them for perfect content execution. The tool check for the topic’s relevancy and the keyword competition, then suggests the best ones.

Being aware of your competitors content marketing strategies is substantial especially if your competitor is successfully driving massive amounts of traffic to their websites. The crayon lets you explore your competitors so you take inspiration from their ideas and create content that is much more effective and influential than your competitors hold.

It is important to examine the quality of the content you are producing for your audience. The Acrolinx platform is developed to check for content issues and provide suggestions based on your brand standards. It also assists in style improving language and style of approaching the target audience. The end result is in the shape of refined content that is appealing and is ready to create a big difference in conversion rates.

Collaborate with micro-influencers
Micro-influencers are those people who are loved by a huge number of people. They are known for their work, skills, thoughts, views or talent. They have a large number of followers on social media channels as well. The more famous the individual is the more of an audience will be following him/her.

Before hiring an influencer, you need to have clear marketing goals in your mind. Do you want to promote your products? Do you want more traffic to your business website? Do you want business

Then start looking for micro-influencers. Choose the one who has some knowledge of your business niche. Determine how much audience engagement they receive. How often they interact with their followers.

Do you want a similar target audience to the one they already have? Are they experts in their niche?

Micro-influencers tend to utilize social media in their own unique ways. Some of them will share brand-related content. Some will incorporate hashtags and text in their usual posts. Most of them share tutorials on how to use the products or how to avail services efficiently.

Continually track their performance and examine the content they are sharing. Check whether they are in line with business goals or not.

Final Words

Content marketing is not just about creating high quality content and distributing it on multiple channels. It is a substantial marketing approach to reach your target audience and help get them engaged with your brand.

Content marketing is best known for its effectiveness at driving massive amounts of traffic and its ability to educate audiences about a company’s services. Content marketing has the potential to drastically increase traffic to your website. It is ideal to make use of content marketing along with other digital marketing techniques to acquire huge audience engagement.

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